Parts Project - Earth [A / V Feature]

Parts Project - Earth [Audio / Visual Feature] w/ visuals by Etienne Montenegro


2020 has been an extremely difficult year for everyone and a quieter than normal year for our platform. Despite this we have been incredibly grateful to have produced one live event in Montréal, 3 online events and 3 audio / visual features. Thank you EVERYONE once again for supporting us during these tough times and for supporting everything that we do. Whether it's tuning into our monthly Sub FM radio show, hopping on our live events, listening / watching & reading our features or just simply sending us messages......we appreciate you! We would not be able to be where we are today or continue without the support of our community. To those of you that keep asking, we have definitely started the path towards our online merch store but aren't quite there yet... thank you for encouraging us!

Despite 2020 shutting a lot of the industry down, not many artists have continued to work as hard as Parts Project. When the wheels started turning for us to collaborate, we didn't even think twice. Parts Project is no newcomer to the game but his most recent moniker might not be as familiar to you. Formerly known as Turtilian, Parts Project is the latest expression from the Winnipeg-born Allan Hanley. Parts Project breathes new life into the former dubstep dj name and radio host from the prairies. If you were a fan of Turtilian, you will be intrigued by his new live act.

Parts is a "live hardware project with influences of bass music". He expresses his creativity through a diverse rig of synthesizers & machines, while looping and twisting familiar sounds that make the earth shake. Not bound by a single genre, Parts is willing to put in the hours of work both in his bedroom and in his local parks. His YouTube and Facebook pages feature semi-frequent live streams and his Bandcamp catalog is full of music that is unique, however still partially influenced by soundsystem culture, techno and beyond. 

Parts is usually not bound by a single formula, however his contribution to the Conscious Wave platform may be slightly different. The sound of the single "Earth" is influenced heavily by his bass music past. Listeners and fans can be joyed to hear those hints of sub-frequencies in both "Earth" and in everything that he does.


We got the opportunity to really pick his brain and learn that he is "proud of some of (his) earlier work but (he) loves everything that (he) does as Parts Project, even the awkward weird stuff because (he) feels like there's more of (him) preserved in it".

 "I've reached a point where everything I make sounds genuine to me and I'm still connected to it long after it's finished, whether it's some experimental grey area / techno-infused rhythm or a straight up bass fam tune like Earth."  - Parts Project

- Conscious Wave


"Leveraging an arsenal of samplers and drum machines to create driving, bass heavy live performances, Parts Project, AKA Montreal artist Allan Hanley, thrives on twisting rave’s past and future into new shapes."