Dinzy x Conscious Wave - Mix

Happy April everyone !! 

Before we get started on the article we just wanted to remind everyone that we had the pleasure of starting the year off with our much anticipated 2021 New Year Compilation [A/V]. This follow-up to our 2019 End Of Year Compilation [A/V] features four original tracks from four underground producers and is available now for FREE from our Bandcamp -> HERE. There's also a live VISUAL album for both releases on our YouTube channel by CW member Etienne Montenegro -> HERE

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With that out of the way, let's get into our first mix feature of 2021 !!

Original photo by Morgan Sutton-Côté

Dinzy is a Montréal-based dj and an active member of the crew Night Time Freakency. After spending most of her youth living around the province of Québec, Dinzy got into mixing while travelling throughout western Canada and living in Canmore, Alberta. After returning to MTL in 2016, Dinzy found a piece of Montréal's vast underground nightlife after one of her friends invited her to a birthday rave on the Lachine Canal. Since then she has kept busy establishing herself in the local community and has been known for dj'ing multiple genres in multiple corners of the both underground rave scene & festival scene.

When Dinzy started playing out in Montréal, she was spinning predominantly UK Bass / Bassline, Tech House & Bass House, among others.

Photo by Sang Phan

"A memorable gig for me was at CEGEP St-Laurent... It was the biggest crowd I've had !! Daphné from Fréquences Subliminales booked me" - Dinzy

Although she has played at multiple loft parties & raves, as well as larger scale music festivals, when asked about some highlights that stuck out she mentioned her sets at Good Vibes Festival, GroovTech: Girls On Deck (Alpaka Productions), Tesla Nights, Éclosion (Tranceparence Productions) and her crew NTF's first event St-Valentech.

Copyright Dina, aka Dinzy

She mentioned to us that two of her biggest inspirations in terms of production are CloZee (downtempo/bass) & Charlotte De Witte (techno). She's (Dinzy) a huge fan of deep dubstep, psytech & deep minimal techno as well. 

When asked if she wanted us to include anything else in her article she said,

"Keep your eyes out for more from me... I love mixing different genres and stepping outside of my comfort zone! Thank you so much for the opportunity! I would just like to end by shouting out: 

1. My mom who raised me by herself <3

2. Conscious Wave for the feature!

3. My crew NTF (Night Time Freakency) & also D32 Crew!

4. Excess DNB, aka Jay Dufresne

5. Everyone who's supporting me from near or far!" - Dinzy

Her mix for Conscious Wave runs just over 40 minutes long and features more than a handful of tracks that we'd love to get our hands on. With such a diverse but more four to the floor oriented background, her CW featured mix is extra exciting since she decided to step outside of her usual domain. It's high energy & includes 100% straight rollers, while still focusing on the deeper, soundsystem flavours of drum & bass that we've grown to love.

- Conscious Wave

PS: We originally premiered a similar mix live on our monthly Sub FM radio show before deciding to collaborate on a permanent upload.


Pengo - Team
Arkala Dre & Pengo - Push
Jenks & Roche - Shut Off
ALR & Sayers - Clotman
Excess - Behind You
GLM - Intellect
Toby Ross - Sinister
Ajax - Chugga Dub
Sustance - Temperance
XDBR - Loco
Arkala Dre - Gucci
Rise - The Prophet
Budden - Bring Dat Back
Arkala Dre - Gucci
Ape Suite - Rutting
Nautika - Yang (Dub)
Mayhem x Greshna - Say Nothing
Dis-Turbed x Array - Jelly Chin
SKAMR - Method Man
Toby Ross - Runback
TEEJ - Selecta
Rayn - Boson
Posk - Senorita
GLM - Potential Player
Yatuza x Senri - Run
Lewp x Sematic - Sound

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2021 New Year Compilation [CWCOMP002]

 Conscious Wave 2021 New Year Compilation [CWCOMP002]

2021 New Year Comp.
Conscious Wave

1. Mob Killa - Feed the Sultan
2. e s p - Rhode to Dub
3. Meddem - Woodcut
4. Noco - Flutter

Release date: 28 jan 2021

Written & Produced by Laurens de Kramer, Kane Tarrant, Rafaël Trévidic & Guy Kensdale

Mastered by SBK.

Live Visuals by Etienne Montenegro
Compiled by Shigero
Covers by Aphotik

Parts Project - Earth [A / V Feature]

Parts Project - Earth [Audio / Visual Feature] w/ visuals by Etienne Montenegro

DOWNLOAD -> https://consciouswave.bandcamp.com/

2020 has been an extremely difficult year for everyone and a quieter than normal year for our platform. Despite this we have been incredibly grateful to have produced one live event in Montréal, 3 online events and 3 audio / visual features. Thank you EVERYONE once again for supporting us during these tough times and for supporting everything that we do. Whether it's tuning into our monthly Sub FM radio show, hopping on our live events, listening / watching & reading our features or just simply sending us messages......we appreciate you! We would not be able to be where we are today or continue without the support of our community. To those of you that keep asking, we have definitely started the path towards our online merch store but aren't quite there yet... thank you for encouraging us!

Despite 2020 shutting a lot of the industry down, not many artists have continued to work as hard as Parts Project. When the wheels started turning for us to collaborate, we didn't even think twice. Parts Project is no newcomer to the game but his most recent moniker might not be as familiar to you. Formerly known as Turtilian, Parts Project is the latest expression from the Winnipeg-born Allan Hanley. Parts Project breathes new life into the former dubstep dj name and radio host from the prairies. If you were a fan of Turtilian, you will be intrigued by his new live act.

Parts is a "live hardware project with influences of bass music". He expresses his creativity through a diverse rig of synthesizers & machines, while looping and twisting familiar sounds that make the earth shake. Not bound by a single genre, Parts is willing to put in the hours of work both in his bedroom and in his local parks. His YouTube and Facebook pages feature semi-frequent live streams and his Bandcamp catalog is full of music that is unique, however still partially influenced by soundsystem culture, techno and beyond. 

Parts is usually not bound by a single formula, however his contribution to the Conscious Wave platform may be slightly different. The sound of the single "Earth" is influenced heavily by his bass music past. Listeners and fans can be joyed to hear those hints of sub-frequencies in both "Earth" and in everything that he does.


We got the opportunity to really pick his brain and learn that he is "proud of some of (his) earlier work but (he) loves everything that (he) does as Parts Project, even the awkward weird stuff because (he) feels like there's more of (him) preserved in it".

 "I've reached a point where everything I make sounds genuine to me and I'm still connected to it long after it's finished, whether it's some experimental grey area / techno-infused rhythm or a straight up bass fam tune like Earth."  - Parts Project

- Conscious Wave


"Leveraging an arsenal of samplers and drum machines to create driving, bass heavy live performances, Parts Project, AKA Montreal artist Allan Hanley, thrives on twisting rave’s past and future into new shapes."


Conscious Wave LIVE #StaySafe Party #3 - Aphotik b-day Stream [audio / video / chat] [AUG 20]

 Conscious Wave présente LIVE #StaySafe Party #3

RSVP & share the FB event -> https://tinyurl.com/cwstaysafe3

Since you helped make our first two online events huge successes and heaps of fun, we decided to end this particular series on a high note with a tastier than ever lineup & birthday stream, hosted on none-other than the BassiXtream server !! 🔊

Times are changing and so are our intentions. We plan on continuing to nourish the beloved #BassiXtream during phase 3 and beyond, while also encouraging those out there to not just simply #StayHome, but to #StaySafe. 😷


Whether you tune in on your TV / computer or whether you bring a speaker to the park and listen on mobile with friends, we encourage EVERYONE to have fun but to set a good example by following local health guidelines and above all to #STAYSAFE.


The BassiXtream (incase you didn't know) is a fully independent live streaming server for dj's, producers and artists powered by our local soundsystem MTL's Bassix Production, featuring a high quality live audio feed, live video feed, chatroom, mobile VLC integration, past show archives and YOUR community !!

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aug 20th lineup

SUBSTANCE [QC] [Sentry Records / Southside Dubstar / Really Good Recordings]

LYSIS [TB] [Thunder Bay Bass Collective]



LOCKOUT [MTL's Bassix Production / BassiXtream]

APHOTIK b-day set [ON] [Conscious Wave / SUB FM]


set times in EDT

18h-19h - LockOut
19h-20h - Amanda Raygun
20h-21h - Substance
21h-22h - Fanza
22h-23h - Lysis
23h-00h - Aphotik


tips & tricks

☑️ The BassiXtream is best experienced from a computer browser with the "FULL PAGE CHATROOM" button selected... extra points for those with multiple screens or Casting !! 🤓 Explore the chatroom Settings to optimize your look, theme and experience. 🖥

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Conscious Wave LIVE #stayhome Party #2 [audio / video / chat] [JUN25]

Conscious Wave présente LIVE #stayhome Party #2


Since our first Conscious Wave LIVE #stayhome Party #1 back on May 21st was loads of fun and a success, we wanted to bring you a second addition with an all new lineup hosted on none-other than the BassiXtream server.

During the most isolating of COVID times, MTL's Bassix Production stepped up to the plate and gave us our own community's fully independent streaming platform. Even tho restrictions are starting lift, we still wanted to give it lots of love, lots of use and keep it going for the future. The hope is to keep it going as a platform for post-COVID times and maybe even use it for live events so that out-of-town fans can connect.

The BassiXtream (incase you didn't know) is a fully independent live streaming server for dj's, producers and artists powered by our local soundsystem MTL's Bassix Production, featuring a high quality live audio feed, live video feed, chatroom, past show archives and YOUR community !

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REMEDY [TO] [Dnb Girls / Forward Dnb / Last Planet]

FROZEN [MTL] [Big Tooth]

MELEK x VYBES [MTL] [Musik Me Luv]


PYROTRICH [MTL] [MTL's Bassix Production]

APHOTIK [ON] [Conscious Wave / SUB FM]




Morning High x Conscious Wave - 2020 A / V Series #002

Taking some time for ourselves and a mental health break to enjoy the meditative & healing sounds of bass has been crucial towards helping many of us get through these times.

If you missed our COVID update back in March, 2020 you can read it HERE (on Insta) and HERE (on Facebook).

2019 was an incredible year for us online and inspired us to kickstart 2020 with a live event and seize the year as one to passionately get back into hosting. With 2020 being flipped completely upside down and a lot of us needing to take a step back from music to focus on other aspects of life, our platform has consequently been relatively quiet.

Out to everyone still supporting our monthly SUB FM radio show as well as our new online #StayHome / #StaySafe event series on the independent BassiXtream server, built and powered by MTL's Bassix Production. Be sure to follow and subscribe to all of our pages so you don't miss out on the next one !

Despite this pause for many of us, our friend Morning High was still down to collab and has been staying busy producing music, running his label and (more recently) hosting live streams.

Morning High is an American artist based in the South East. Known as a "purveyor of meditative sub sounds", Morning High has been on the circuit for almost a decade, focusing primarily on low end sounds and haunted melodies, while still incorporating a variety of dub influences from the genre's classic roots. A full time FM broadcast tech and audio engineer as well, Matthew is also known for founding the Atlanta-based record label Zip Sound Recordings, which has featured many releases from Dayzero, Royal Panic, aeOm & Atnos to name a few.

An accomplished producer, Morning High's unique exploration of sonic space has gained popularity in the underground dubstep community, with features on Gradient Audio, UUeird, After Dark Music and (more recently) Dank 'N' Dirty Dubz.

Morning High's mix for Conscious Wave runs just over 50 minutes long and features a meditative and melodic progression towards some heavier, more UK inspired sounds and dubby influences. His mix also features more than a handful of tasty original and unreleased sounds as well as sounds from the Zip Sound Recordings catalog.

- Conscious Wave

PS : this tracklist is pure fire !


1.: Refugee Memories - Morning High [Unreleased]
2.: Relax - Section 8
3.: Insular - Morning High [Unreleased]
4.: Copper Dub - The Maker
5.: Welcome to London - Flowdan (Morning High Remix)
6.: Vernal - DJ Variant
7.: Don’t Turn Around - Morning High [Unreleased]
8.: Untitled - The Maker & Khonsu
9.: Nefertem - Morning High & Deadspiral [Zip Sound]
10.: Creature - Wheelton [Iron Shirt]
11.: Shiffed - Morning High [Zip Sound]
12.: Speak Up - Flowdan (Maker Dub)
13.: Ritual Riddem - Morning High [After Dark Music]
14.: Divination - Mungk [Iron Shirt]
15.: Enter The Dance - Sobie & Photes (Morning High Remix) [Feral Digital]
16.: Spacial Recognition - Caidence [Dank N Dirty]
17.: Ebino - Morning High & Atnos [Unreleased]
18.: Fern Dub - Roklem [Dank N Dirty]
19.: Know Thyself - Ternion Sound (Morning High Bootleg)
20.: Chalice Riddem - Pugilist [FKOF]
21.: Ikoma - Morning High & Atnos [Unreleased]
22.: Listen Up - Dubamine [Dank N Dirty]
23.: Ghetto Dance - Morning High [Unreleased]
24.: Elevate Ting - Pushloop [Dank N Dirty]
25.: Shadow People - Royal Panic [Zip Sound]
26.: Nightmare - Vibe Emissions [Heavy Traffic]
27.: Unfaithful (Dub) - Morning High [Unreleased]
28.: Shine on You Crazy Diamonds - Pink Floyd (Enigma Dubz Remix) [Dank N Dirty]


CW YouTube Feature w/ live visuals
CW Soundcloud Feature
CW Mixcloud Feature



Conscious Wave LIVE #stayhome Party #1 [audio / video / chat] [JUN25]

Conscious Wave présente LIVE #stayhome Party #1


RSVP, invite and support at -> https://www.facebook.com/events/251448012930573/

With social distancing turning the music and festival season upside down we decided to finally throw our first online event, hosted on none-other than the BassiXtream, powered by MTL's Bassix Production !

The BassiXtream (incase you didn't know) is a fully independent live streaming server for dj's, producers and artists powered by MTL's Bassix production, featuring a high quality live audio feed, live video feed, chatroom, past show archives and your community ! Expect the best sounds from the underground, a stellar Conscious Wave lineup, good vibes and no drops in sound due to copyright !

LOCK IN LIVE at -> https://mtlbassix.com/



POLY-ESTHER [ON] [Abysmal Entities/SUB FM]





SHIGERO [MTL] [Conscious Wave / HiFive / SUB FM]