Conscious Wave LIVE #stayhome Party #1 [audio / video / chat] [MAY21]

Conscious Wave présente LIVE #stayhome Party #1


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With social distancing turning the music and festival season upside down we decided to finally throw our first online event, hosted on none-other than the BassiXtream, powered by MTL's Bassix Production !

The BassiXtream (incase you didn't know) is a fully independent live streaming server for dj's, producers and artists powered by MTL's Bassix production, featuring a high quality live audio feed, live video feed, chatroom, past show archives and your community ! Expect the best sounds from the underground, a stellar Conscious Wave lineup, good vibes and no drops in sound due to copyright !




POLY-ESTHER [ON] [Abysmal Entities/SUB FM]





SHIGERO [MTL] [Conscious Wave / HiFive / SUB FM]



Metafloor x Conscious Wave - 2020 A / V Series #001 [Valentine's Day 2020 Promo Mix]

A huge mix (and now an official 2020 A / V feature) that was originally in promotion of our event in Montréal, presenting Metafloor [AB] [Sub Chakra / Aufect / Vandal / Really Good] on the HiFive soundsystem.

Metafloor, aka Blaine Kingcott is a Calgary-based producer, DJ and promoter. Blaine founded the Sub Chakra crew in 2011 and has been a triple threat pushing soundsystem music and culture ever since. Over the past decade Blaine has continued to explore his deep 140BPM roots but has also ventured thru many different flavours of drum & bass, including halftime, footwork, jungle and more.

Metafloor's original productions have turned the heads of many and have appeared on renowned labels such as Aufect Platinum, Vandal Records & Really Good Recordings to name a few. His sounds have also been remixed by both Moresounds & Fixate. His unique sets and performances have also landed him multiple bookings at some of the biggest festivals in Canada, including Bass Coast Festival, Shambhala Music Festival and Astral Harvest.

For his Québec debut, Blaine graciously agreed to send us this absolutely fire mixtape to help us both promote the event and introduce his sounds to our amazing community. Blaine touched down on Friday, February 14th in Montréal for our first solo event since 2016 to perform on the FULL HiFive Soundsystem at TIMIS (900 Rue Ontario Est), with lineup support from SBK. [T-R] (Duploc / Locus Sound / Sub Audio Recs / MML), Mandala Ataksak [ON] (Bass Witch Coven / Dubplate FM), Shigero [MTL] (Conscious Wave / Hi-Five / SUB FM) and Aphotik [ON] (Conscious Wave / SUB FM).

"Wherever Metafloor may be found, his audience can trust to also find newness, the “meta”."

- Conscious Wave


Tamarak - Sad Cyborg [Woodwork Recordings, 2020]
The Librarian - Invisible [Amelia Recordings, 2019]
Danny Scrilla - Mirrors (ft. Alis) [Perfect Records, 2018]
Mad Zach - No Past Lives [MethLab Recordings, 2019]
OAAK x Shiny Things - Holla [Aufect Platinum, 2018]
Homemade Weapons - Crewcut [Samurai Music, 2019]
Vromm - Level Up (ft. Rider Shafique) [Critical Music, 2017]
Ill Truth - Catch a Break [Sofa Sound, 2019]
Metafloor - Timeless [forthcoming]
TASO x Gavlyn - I Only Fuck With Teklife
Kryo - Raid [White Peach, 2019]
Duckem, Mob Killa, Rakjay - Talk is Cheap [eatmybeat, 2019]
Metafloor - Iceman Dub [forthcoming]
Ben Verse - Dark Star [Wheel & Deal, 2014]
A/T/O/S - Trees [Deep Medi, 2017]



CW YouTube Feature w/ live visuals
CW Soundcloud Feature
CW Mixcloud Feature

The Story-Teller x Conscious Wave - Mix

Our next submission to the Conscious Wave cloud comes from the Montréal-based DJ and music enthusiast The Story-Teller, aka Félix-Antoine. Félix is no newcomer to the MTL community and has been involved for over four years as the manager of the well-known harm reduction company Flying Safe / Vol Plané. Over the past few years a DJ, Félix has maintained a steady collection online of mostly drum & bass mixes but has also ventured into dubstep. His mixes have not only gained traction at local events but have also secured him bookings at both Future Forest festival in New Brunswick as well as La Traverse in Québec.

His 40 minute DNB mix for Conscious Wave lays down the usual dose of bass, stellar track selection and smooth transitions, but also (more uniquely to our cloud) features many flavours of neurofunk, jungle, jump-up and more with no shortage of heavy-hitting rollers and upbeat bangers.

- Conscious Wave


1. Kings Of The Rollers - You Got Me (S.P.Y Remix)
2. Bou & Mark XTC - Breathe
3. Critical Impact & Trigga - Middle Finger
4. Simula - Warthog
5. Skeptical - Musket
6. QZB & Emperor - Nixon
7. Shy FX - Roll The Dice feat. Stamina MC & Lily Allen
8. GRAY - Rubadub
9. Enei - Sinking
10. Halogenix - Blej (Fade Black Remix)
11. Jayline ft. Dutta - Do You Like Rollers?
12. LoKo - Bassline Secret (Skantia Remix)
13. QZB - Break Neck Speed
14. Terrence & Phillip ft. MC Haribo - Underground Sounds
15. Kohezion - Pagan Style
16. Ben Snow - Out In The Streets
17. Mefjus & Camo & Krooked - Sidewinder
18. Camo & Krooked - Set It Off (ft. Jeru The Damaja)
19. GRAY - Buss Riddim
20. Exile & Mark XTC - New Dawn 2019
21. Mefjus & Skeptical - Amber
22. QZB - City On Lock feat. Rider Shafique
23. Monty - Best Of Me
24. Enei - Get Closer feat. Charli Brix


Khandroma. x Conscious Wave - Mix

Last year we had a goal as a team to bring Conscious Wave back to life by starting fresh as an online platform just like back in the day. Our main focuses were to launch a new & improved 2019 Official Audio / Visual mix series and to end 2019 with our debut compilation ‘CWCOMP001’. Both received (and are still receiving) an incredible response and can be found in the Spotlight of our Soundcloud page, Bandcamp and Mixcloud.

2019 Official Audio / Visual Mix Series

So far this year our online platform has been fairly quiet, largely due to us being tied up hosting our first live solo event since 2016 this past Valentine’s Day, presenting Metafloor [AB] [Sub Chakra / Aufect / Vandal / Really Good] from the west coast on HiFive sound in Montréal. The attendance drastically exceeded our expectations which of course inspired us to continue learning and improving to create more. Now that the energy from the event has settled we can turn our attention back to our online platform. For 2020 we have another A / V series in-store for you as well as some more mixes, tracks and surprises on the horizon.

background art painting by Khandroma.

Our latest mix submission comes from the Toronto-based “artist, curator and propagator” Khandroma. Known throughout their community as a talented dj, painter, collective leader, label manager and more, Max over just this past year has uploaded over a dozen mixes online, which has helped them seemingly shoot out of nowhere onto the scene. Max is a resident at Lush Lounge Records (who have featured both Rhombi and Kadet P) and also works with them to help manage the label. Max also heads up Objective Sound which is an up-and-coming art & music collective that supports Khandroma., IDHS, Lenny the Wreck and Amanda Raygun.

Khandroma’s mix for Conscious Wave is one of our longest ones to date but despite this is a very difficult one to turn off. Max maintains incredible patience & progression but builds towards no shortage of heavy-hitting halftime bangers and many other flavours of drum & bass. A huge nod to the tracklist on this one.

- Conscious Wave


1. SBK. - Cleo (Wobble Wallah Rework)
2. Fracture & Neptune - Chal Dub
3. ITOA - French Cola
4. Fybe:one & Hyroglifics - With You
5. B1tyze - Vasuki
6. ITOA - Top Deck
7. ITOA - Top Deck (Moresounds Remix)
8. Mad Zach - Antimatter Cave
9. Clyde Avery - Control (Lecoughski's Lost In Space Remix)
10. Yahna - Dancin'
11. Fybe:one - Days Gone
12. Danky - Slumber Snaps (Jake Robertz Remix)
13. Amoss & Fearful - Carcosa
14. TMSV - Nobody Asks
15. HNGVR - Take Me Away (Walters Remix)



CW Soundcloud Feature
CW Mixcloud Feature

Metafloor [AB] [Sub Chakra / Aufect / Vandal / Really Good] FEB 14TH


support music <3

Metafloor [AB] [Sub Chakra / Aufect / Vandal / Really Good] FEB 14TH

Conscious Wave présente Metafloor


METAFLOOR (Calgary, Alberta)


Blaine Kingcott, under his DJ and producer alias, Metafloor; founded the Sub Chakra crew in 2011 and has been making waves and relentlessly hustling proper sound-system music ever since.

Never one to limit himself to just one facet of the music profession, Kingcott is well known throughout the music community for his tireless work as a DJ, producer, and promoter. Artistically his roots stretch deep into the dungeons of the 140 BPM realm, though recently have seen growth and expansion into new territory, exploring the sounds of half-time, footwork and jungle. His “Fish Fruit” EP released in the spring of 2018 saw support from some of the pioneers in the genre with remixes from the likes of Moresounds and Fixate.

Over the years Metafloor’s productions have appeared on labels far and wide including Greazus’s Aufect Platinum, Modern Ruin, Black Tuna, and Mat the Alien’s Really Good Recordings. Additionally, his skills as a selector have carried him to the stages of Bass Coast, Shambhala, Astral Harvest and more. Wherever Metafloor may be found, his audience can trust to also find newness, the “meta”.





$10 pré-vente
++ à la porte


L’événement est 18+ et l’emplacement dispose d’une licence pour vendre de l’alcool, donc aucun alcool provenant de l’extérieur ne sera toléré.

This is a licensed 18+ event, no outside drinks will be permitted inside in the venue.





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2019 End of Year Compilation [CWCOMP001]

Conscious Wave 2019 End of Year Compilation [CWCOMP001]

2019 End of Year Comp.
Conscious Wave

1. SBK. - Ma'at
2. Knox - Untitled
3. Motus - Materialist
4. Shigero - Rewind Dub
5. Scarz - Turmoil
6. Motus x SUBstance x Wraz - Massive

Release date: 27 dec 2019

Mastered by SBK.
Visuals by Etienne Montenegro
Artwork by Etienne Montenegro
Thumbnail by Aphotik

Written by Tom Chamoun, Knox N. Hoult, Émile Cusson, Éric Major, David Proteau, Marc Lapointe, Christophe Pilon

Shigero - Perseverance Entity [CW .wav DL]

CW 2K FB Followers Feature - Shigero - Perseverance Entity

A little over a month ago we all shared some posts online reminding everyone that we would soon be achieving 2000 followers and 2000 likes on Facebook. Although just one of our many Conscious Wave platforms, our Facebook community has grown into our largest following on the web. From small beginnings as a blog-only name dating back to the winter of 2013/2014, Conscious Wave grew out of a combination of travel, west coast festival experiences, the desire to recreate events back home, the support from the Montréal community and the aftermath of an underground rave called Tribal Bass: Episode 1. The experiences and knowledge learned, combined with a drive to share, promote and write about dubstep and other types bass-driven music were the building blocks for what later became a full multi-disciplinary artist collective, online music platform, a weekly (then monthly) SUB FM radio show and an event production company. Conscious Wave has gone through lots of changes, ups and downs, but most importantly has grown organically and bigger than each of us.

We would not have been able to continue without the constant support of our listeners, readers, friends, family and community. We are incredibly grateful and are excited to share more with you all this holiday season and next year.

We also wanted to give a HUGE shout-out to everyone for returning to our platforms after a 2 year hiatus. 

There are too many people to thank but we wanted to thank Poly-Esther, SBK., Living Stone and Valley Feel again for contributing to our 2019 Audio / Visual Mix Series, which has allowed us to become more active again across the board. A huge shout out again to Musik Me Luv and MTL's Bassix Production for seeking us to collab on the Innamind x System:Sound tour w/ Vivek & Kursk - our first event collab since 2017.

With a concrete plan in mind last winter, we have been slowly and patiently building all year and are excited to announce that we have an End of Year compilation set for release AND a solo event booked for Valentine's Day 2020 in Montréal.

With both of these on the horizon, this 2K milestone coincidentally came at the perfect time. The compilation release and event launch will both take place in the coming weeks!

With our 2019 Official Audio / Visual Mix Series now wrapped up, we wanted to feature something as close to home as we could get for our 2K celebration - a track download from Shigero. Éric is no stranger to the Montréal community and is well-known producer, DJ and sound tech. Éric is both a core / founding member of HiFive AV and Conscious Wave. With over 5 years of consistent DJ'ing under his belt, playing at all of the big eastern events and festivals, Éric has also proven his talent as a producer with releases on Sub Audio Records, Sub World Audio, Home Bass and DRTcake Records.

Éric's track for Conscious Wave "Perseverance Entity" boasts an incredibly powerful bassline that will push subwoofers to the limit. With otherworldly leads and a punchy kick and snare to the chest, it caters directly to our OG dubstep roots as a platform and was produced right here at home. It's deep, it's dark, it's grimy and it's incredibly fun to play out.

- Conscious Wave