Sof Silva x Conscious Wave - Mix

Happy July everyone !!

Before we get started on this article we just wanted to remind everyone that we just dropped our second A / V release of the year on June 10th, 2021. It's a single track release from Knox which is available now for FREE from our Bandcamp. There is also a video for it with live visuals on our YouTube by CW member Etienne Montenegro. This 140bpm dubstep track entitled 'Latent' is deep, minimal and serves as some fire DJ material & soundsystem ammo for the season... we hope you enjoy rinsing it as much as we do !! 

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With that out of the way, let's get into our SECOND mix feature of 2021 !!

Sof Silva is a Montréal-based radio journalist and DJ. She’s a founder of the Stockpile event series and has been active behind the decks for a decade, playing shows up and down the East Coast.

Sof started DJing in North Carolina and moved to Montréal eight years ago, but she has been coming to the city since she was 15 years old. It was in Montréal where she found her love for dubstep, jungle, and dnb.

Aphotik had a great conversation with her, but it ended up being way too long to summarize in a few paragraphs, so we’re taking the opportunity post more of an interview-style feature for a change. 

We hope you enjoy it ! <3

For our listeners who haven't heard you before, tell us a bit about the name 'Sof Silva' and where you're from!

My name is a nod to my Portuguese side. I moved to Montreal eight years ago from Washington, DC, but I was visiting Montreal for well over a decade before finally moving here!

That is an awesome nod to your heritage! I also read on your page that you've been active behind the decks for over a decade, that's pretty awesome! What in Montréal got you into DJing?

I met a bunch of folks in the MTL music scene through mutual friends around 2007. I would visit every few months driving up from North Carolina, where I was going to uni at the time. Shows like Forward night at Bar Passeport, and others at Koi Bar, Silver Door, Café Campus all got me really into electronic music. It was deep dubstep first, and then jungle & dnb that stole my heart.

Those sound like some pretty great times, I definitely remember a couple of those venues! While we're talking about the music scene, where did you first hear dnb?

I remember when I went out it was all dubstep all the time until I caught a jungle set by Vilify in 2009. After that, it’s all I wanted to hear! Between visits to Montreal, I was working at a club in North Carolina that threw electronic music shows, so I got pretty immersed.

That's awesome! As far as DJing goes, I know that it's a bit of a struggle at first (at least it was for me) but do you remember what gear you started jamming on?

I had a good friend in NC, who left his turntables and a bag of old dnb records at my place for a few months so I could start out. My dear friend DJ Soul Almighty would stop by to give pointers from time to time and kept offering moral support. I eventually ended up buying my own gear from the back of a pick-up truck in the parking lot of the club where I worked in NC. RIP my first Gemini mixer haha, but I still have the Numark tables in storage somewhere!

Right on! Going back to Vilify, I remember her. Thankfully my time in MTL crossed over with hers. When I first moved to MTL, I remember her night Bass Drive Wednesdays being one of the first things that I discovered before I knew anyone!

Oh nice! Yeah, it was inspiring to see a woman with so much talent get behind the decks and rock out like she does.

I've only heard you play dnb and jungle to date but you are known to play many other genres. Are there any that you really like to mix these days?

I love trying different genres and mixing them together for more dynamic sets. Breaks is up there for me, also house and nu-disco. I actually have a UK garage set that I did for our June Stockpile event!

Sweet! I know this is kind of a loaded question, but do you remember your first gig? I know it's kind of hard to define 'gig' early in your career.

I think the first 'official time' I played out was at a spot in Greensboro, NC called Brewski's, but I was playing house parties before that. My first time playing out in Montreal (many years later) was at Cabaret Playhouse!

That is dope, I definitely know Cabaret! I've listened to your mix for Conscious Wave more than a few times and it's flawless... incredible selection as always. What sort of vibe were you going for with this one?

This mix was really fun to put together! I went for almost all brand new tracks from producers I love, like Kyrist, Makoto and QZB, among others. I’d say it’s a mix of rollers and neuro with a taste of liquid.

It is honestly so clean with such a great serving of flavours that we haven't featured yet, so I'm stoked to get it uploaded! I did also want to talk about the scene on a more serious level. As a queer POC, I’d like to get your views on representation in the scene. I know you mentioned before, in your early MTL days, that it was refreshing seeing Vilify/Jenny behind the decks. I would definitely agree with you on that one, because let's be real, the MTL dnb scene is not bursting at the seams with women or LGBTQ2S+ artists. Did you ever feel discouraged by that fact?

Yes, definitely. That’s a good question. Fortunately, I think things are getting better! I’m seeing a lot more inclusive events, although I know a few newer women DJs in the city who get harassed on the basis of gender… When I first started out, I was always hyperaware that there were more obstacles for women trying to DJ. I was much later starting out than I would have liked, because for a long time no one took me seriously. I did luck out with some encouraging friends, and seeing Jenny do her thing with total confidence was an inspiration.

I appreciate such an honest answer, it can be inspiring for others in a similar situation to hear about your experience.

The hyper-sexualization of women DJs is still very real. As a bi woman, I think that has added some fetishization as well. But I’m desensitized to it. I actually had a few queer non-scene friends come support me at a show a few years back and they were really concerned about how people were treating me. I hadn’t even registered that treatment, because I just expected it. I love initiatives like EQ50dnb and Slut Island that are creating safer spaces for women and gender non-conforming folks to skill share and perform.

That's beyond shitty. Our focus has always been to let the music do the talking, but to also remember that everyone in our community has not been treated equally or fairly.

I always appreciate your efforts toward inclusivity when booking shows and livestreams!

There's a lot of work to be done, but I’m glad to hear that. For some people, this can be a triggering topic, and for others it's an opportunity to chat and use the platform to bring more awareness to the issue.

I definitely get that it can be an uncomfortable discussion and that not everyone has had the same experience getting into DJing. I actually did my Master's on gender representation in graffiti subculture, so I’ve researched how experiences can vary for women and QTBIPOC folks looking to express themselves in male-dominated urban subcultures. There was some catharsis finding women and GNC graf writers and street artists whose experiences I could relate to.

It does sadden me hearing you mention not being taken seriously at first. I do see that actively in more genres than just dnb.

For sure. It’s not exclusive to one genre at all. One way it plays out for me is noticing some folks are more critical if I make a mistake, because they don’t see me as belonging behind the decks, or like I receive special treatment to get a gig. But the truth is I love DJing and have put in the time. No one can take that away from me. I haven’t dealt with a lot of sexism lately, because I fell into a group of fellow DJs who are in it for the music, not the male ego nonsense. But when I was starting out 10 years ago it was really bad. After my first set out, I was on such a high… that a few guys felt the need to come up and tell me the set was fine but I only got booked because someone wanted to sleep with me. It was pretty hurtful and stuck with me for a few years. We all deal with imposter syndrome starting out, but when there’s dehumanization mixed in, it prolongs the realization process that you’re good enough to play out and to keep doing what you love.

Thank you for sharing this all again... I know we've gone over a lot, so I'll just ask you a few more things. I noticed you are active with Stockpile. Are there any other music projects on your plate?

I have lots planned for that series! The next few livestreams are already in the works and we’re excited to move it to a physical venue when the pandemic is over. Otherwise, it's mostly terrasse bookings this summer, as Montreal relaxes public health restrictions. I can’t wait to play in front of a live audience again!

I noticed you are pretty busy with non-music projects. Could you tell us a bit more about that?

Oh sure! When I'm not DJing, I'm a radio news anchor. The hours are very early most days (I often start at 4 am), but the work is fulfilling! I love keeping up with what’s happening in the city and getting to help people tell their stories. A few years back, I did a video documentary on vinyl record culture in Montreal and another one on the importance of the Amen break, so I’m always melding my love of music with my journalist side.

I'm only really dipping my toes in now but I can certainly relate to also loving those two things! Before we sign off is there anything else you'd like to add? Any shout outs?

I always love to hear from people who are thinking about starting out and might have questions! I have to give a massive shout out to my best friend DJ Wally, who is one of the most talented DJs and producers I know. We collaborate on Stockpile and they’re always there to support, give honest feedback, and inspire me to do better. I also have to shout out the Montreal Bassix crew for creating such a wicked livestream platform and keeping the scene connected while we've all been isolated during the pandemic!

Thank you to all our supporters for making it to the end of this feature. Once again, we hope you enjoyed our first interview style feature and a deeper dive with Sof Silva.

Sof's mix for Conscious Wave is a short & sweet 30 minute mix that leaves you wanting to hit that replay button over and over. It's a refined collection of recently released rollers that promote the melodic sounds of the genre, against a hint of its rich jungle history. It's an excellent combination of flavours over top of the deep, heavy basslines and top-notch production value that us over at CW love to hear on a huge soundsystem.

- Conscious Wave


Remind Me (S.P.Y Remix) - Bcee, Charlotte Haining
Into a Groove - The Skeptics
Timers - Arcatype
Thinking - Maletka
Dope (VIP) - Dub Elements
Bad Omen - Kyrist
Flat Spots - Amoss
Lock & Load - Dedma
Futurecool - QZB
No Compromise - Hugh Hardie
Jah Selecta - Bladerunne
Giving Up - Offlin
Hooligan feat. Mtek - Jappa, Teej
Upload - Hyroglifics, Sustance
Become Dust - Kumarachi
Back To 96 - DJ Hybrid, Mrs Magoo
Digital Murder - Insomniax
Hindsight (DJ Marky Remix) - Blame
Contact - Makoto

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Poly-Esther x Aphotik on Conscious Wave on SUB FM TV [THURS JULY 1ST]

 Poly-Esther x Aphotik on Conscious Wave on SUB FM TV

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Happy July everyone... yes it's already July soon !!

This month the stars have aligned to allow for a rare in-person jam on our monthly radio show !! 🧡🧡 *Out to Ellie Atlas on this flyer !!*

For July 1st we have the pleasure of welcoming the talented Poly-Esther to the global Sub FM airwaves and to Aphotik's streaming studio in Collingwood, ON.

If you don't know her, Jade lives in Wasaga Beach, ON (which is close to Aphotik!). Jade has lived all around southern Ontario but is a well-known Toronto-based DJ who has been circulating on the scene, on the radio and behind the decks at countless events, raves and festivals for over six years. She has given energy to running Åbysmal Ẹntities in the past, hosted a radio show on Subtle FM and currently hosts a monthly radio show on Sub FM. Her selections, original productions, event coordination and radio hosting have pushed her to secure a strong presence in the Toronto community and beyond, having already achieved large scale bookings at Valhalla Sound Circus, events by Spectrum, Last Planet, Toronto Bass Community, Architextures, Conscious Wave and more.


Our show this month also happens to fall on Canada Day, however we have teamed up to make a celebration of other things that deserve celebration and want to dedicate our show to recognizing the indigenous peoples of these lands on this day traditionally recognized to celebrate Canada. In place of red, you will see tons of orange. 🧡🧡


We'll be live as usual on both SUB FM TV and SUB FM RADIO. For this month’s edition Aphotik will be on hosting duties.

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Knox - Latent [A / V Feature]

Knox - Latent [Audio / Visual Feature] w/ live visuals by Etienne Montenegro


Written & Mastered by Nick Hoult

Live Visuals by Etienne Montenegro

release date : 10 jun 2021

genre : dubstep


Dinzy x Conscious Wave - Mix

Happy April everyone !! 

Before we get started on the article we just wanted to remind everyone that we had the pleasure of starting the year off with our much anticipated 2021 New Year Compilation [A/V]. This follow-up to our 2019 End Of Year Compilation [A/V] features four original tracks from four underground producers and is available now for FREE from our Bandcamp -> HERE. There's also a live VISUAL album for both releases on our YouTube channel by CW member Etienne Montenegro -> HERE

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With that out of the way, let's get into our first mix feature of 2021 !!

Original photo by Morgan Sutton-Côté

Dinzy is a Montréal-based dj and an active member of the crew Night Time Freakency. After spending most of her youth living around the province of Québec, Dinzy got into mixing while travelling throughout western Canada and living in Canmore, Alberta. After returning to MTL in 2016, Dinzy found a piece of Montréal's vast underground nightlife after one of her friends invited her to a birthday rave on the Lachine Canal. Since then she has kept busy establishing herself in the local community and has been known for dj'ing multiple genres in multiple corners of both underground rave scene & festival scene.

When Dinzy started playing out in Montréal, she was spinning predominantly UK Bass / Bassline, Tech House & Bass House, among others.

Photo by Sang Phan

"A memorable gig for me was at CEGEP St-Laurent... It was the biggest crowd I've had !! Daphné from Fréquences Subliminales booked me" - Dinzy

Although she has played at multiple loft parties & raves, as well as larger scale music festivals, when asked about some highlights that stuck out she mentioned her sets at Good Vibes Festival, GroovTech: Girls On Deck (Alpaka Productions), Tesla Nights, Éclosion (Tranceparence Productions) and her crew NTF's first event St-Valentech.

Copyright Dina, aka Dinzy

She mentioned to us that two of her biggest inspirations in terms of production are CloZee (downtempo/bass) & Charlotte De Witte (techno). She's (Dinzy) a huge fan of deep dubstep, psytech & deep minimal techno as well. 

When asked if she wanted us to include anything else in her article she said,

"Keep your eyes out for more from me... I love mixing different genres and stepping outside of my comfort zone! Thank you so much for the opportunity! I would just like to end by shouting out: 

1. My mom who raised me by herself <3

2. Conscious Wave for the feature!

3. My crew NTF (Night Time Freakency) & also D32 Crew!

4. Excess DNB, aka Jay Dufresne

5. Everyone who's supporting me from near or far!" - Dinzy

Her mix for Conscious Wave runs just over 40 minutes long and features more than a handful of tracks that we'd love to get our hands on. With such a diverse but more four to the floor oriented background, her CW featured mix is extra exciting since she decided to step outside of her usual domain. It's high energy & includes 100% straight rollers, while still focusing on the deeper, soundsystem flavours of drum & bass that we've grown to love.

- Conscious Wave

PS: We originally premiered a similar mix live on our monthly Sub FM radio show before deciding to collaborate on a permanent upload.


Pengo - Team
Arkala Dre & Pengo - Push
Jenks & Roche - Shut Off
ALR & Sayers - Clotman
Excess - Behind You
GLM - Intellect
Toby Ross - Sinister
Ajax - Chugga Dub
Sustance - Temperance
XDBR - Loco
Arkala Dre - Gucci
Rise - The Prophet
Budden - Bring Dat Back
Arkala Dre - Gucci
Ape Suite - Rutting
Nautika - Yang (Dub)
Mayhem x Greshna - Say Nothing
Dis-Turbed x Array - Jelly Chin
SKAMR - Method Man
Toby Ross - Runback
TEEJ - Selecta
Rayn - Boson
Posk - Senorita
GLM - Potential Player
Yatuza x Senri - Run
Lewp x Sematic - Sound

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2021 New Year Compilation [CWCOMP002]

 Conscious Wave 2021 New Year Compilation [CWCOMP002]

2021 New Year Comp.
Conscious Wave

1. Mob Killa - Feed the Sultan
2. e s p - Rhode to Dub
3. Meddem - Woodcut
4. Noco - Flutter

Release date: 28 jan 2021

Written & Produced by Laurens de Kramer, Kane Tarrant, Rafaël Trévidic & Guy Kensdale

Mastered by SBK.

Live Visuals by Etienne Montenegro
Compiled by Shigero
Covers by Aphotik

Parts Project - Earth [A / V Feature]

Parts Project - Earth [Audio / Visual Feature] w/ visuals by Etienne Montenegro


2020 has been an extremely difficult year for everyone and a quieter than normal year for our platform. Despite this we have been incredibly grateful to have produced one live event in Montréal, 3 online events and 3 audio / visual features. Thank you EVERYONE once again for supporting us during these tough times and for supporting everything that we do. Whether it's tuning into our monthly Sub FM radio show, hopping on our live events, listening / watching & reading our features or just simply sending us messages......we appreciate you! We would not be able to be where we are today or continue without the support of our community. To those of you that keep asking, we have definitely started the path towards our online merch store but aren't quite there yet... thank you for encouraging us!

Despite 2020 shutting a lot of the industry down, not many artists have continued to work as hard as Parts Project. When the wheels started turning for us to collaborate, we didn't even think twice. Parts Project is no newcomer to the game but his most recent moniker might not be as familiar to you. Formerly known as Turtilian, Parts Project is the latest expression from the Winnipeg-born Allan Hanley. Parts Project breathes new life into the former dubstep dj name and radio host from the prairies. If you were a fan of Turtilian, you will be intrigued by his new live act.

Parts is a "live hardware project with influences of bass music". He expresses his creativity through a diverse rig of synthesizers & machines, while looping and twisting familiar sounds that make the earth shake. Not bound by a single genre, Parts is willing to put in the hours of work both in his bedroom and in his local parks. His YouTube and Facebook pages feature semi-frequent live streams and his Bandcamp catalog is full of music that is unique, however still partially influenced by soundsystem culture, techno and beyond. 

Parts is usually not bound by a single formula, however his contribution to the Conscious Wave platform may be slightly different. The sound of the single "Earth" is influenced heavily by his bass music past. Listeners and fans can be joyed to hear those hints of sub-frequencies in both "Earth" and in everything that he does.


We got the opportunity to really pick his brain and learn that he is "proud of some of (his) earlier work but (he) loves everything that (he) does as Parts Project, even the awkward weird stuff because (he) feels like there's more of (him) preserved in it".

 "I've reached a point where everything I make sounds genuine to me and I'm still connected to it long after it's finished, whether it's some experimental grey area / techno-infused rhythm or a straight up bass fam tune like Earth."  - Parts Project

- Conscious Wave


"Leveraging an arsenal of samplers and drum machines to create driving, bass heavy live performances, Parts Project, AKA Montreal artist Allan Hanley, thrives on twisting rave’s past and future into new shapes."

Conscious Wave LIVE #StaySafe Party #3 - Aphotik b-day Stream [audio / video / chat] [AUG 20]

 Conscious Wave présente LIVE #StaySafe Party #3

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aug 20th lineup

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LYSIS [TB] [Thunder Bay Bass Collective]



LOCKOUT [MTL's Bassix Production / BassiXtream]

APHOTIK b-day set [ON] [Conscious Wave / SUB FM]


set times in EDT

18h-19h - LockOut
19h-20h - Amanda Raygun
20h-21h - Substance
21h-22h - Fanza
22h-23h - Lysis
23h-00h - Aphotik


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