Metafloor x Conscious Wave - 2020 A / V Series #001 [Valentine's Day 2020 Promo Mix]

A huge mix (and now an official 2020 A / V feature) that was originally in promotion of our event in Montréal, presenting Metafloor [AB] [Sub Chakra / Aufect / Vandal / Really Good] on the HiFive soundsystem.

Metafloor, aka Blaine Kingcott is a Calgary-based producer, DJ and promoter. Blaine founded the Sub Chakra crew in 2011 and has been a triple threat pushing soundsystem music and culture ever since. Over the past decade Blaine has continued to explore his deep 140BPM roots but has also ventured thru many different flavours of drum & bass, including halftime, footwork, jungle and more.

Metafloor's original productions have turned the heads of many and have appeared on renowned labels such as Aufect Platinum, Vandal Records & Really Good Recordings to name a few. His sounds have also been remixed by both Moresounds & Fixate. His unique sets and performances have also landed him multiple bookings at some of the biggest festivals in Canada, including Bass Coast Festival, Shambhala Music Festival and Astral Harvest.

For his Québec debut, Blaine graciously agreed to send us this absolutely fire mixtape to help us both promote the event and introduce his sounds to our amazing community. Blaine touched down on Friday, February 14th in Montréal for our first solo event since 2016 to perform on the FULL HiFive Soundsystem at TIMIS (900 Rue Ontario Est), with lineup support from SBK. [T-R] (Duploc / Locus Sound / Sub Audio Recs / MML), Mandala Ataksak [ON] (Bass Witch Coven / Dubplate FM), Shigero [MTL] (Conscious Wave / Hi-Five / SUB FM) and Aphotik [ON] (Conscious Wave / SUB FM).

"Wherever Metafloor may be found, his audience can trust to also find newness, the “meta”."

- Conscious Wave


Tamarak - Sad Cyborg [Woodwork Recordings, 2020]
The Librarian - Invisible [Amelia Recordings, 2019]
Danny Scrilla - Mirrors (ft. Alis) [Perfect Records, 2018]
Mad Zach - No Past Lives [MethLab Recordings, 2019]
OAAK x Shiny Things - Holla [Aufect Platinum, 2018]
Homemade Weapons - Crewcut [Samurai Music, 2019]
Vromm - Level Up (ft. Rider Shafique) [Critical Music, 2017]
Ill Truth - Catch a Break [Sofa Sound, 2019]
Metafloor - Timeless [forthcoming]
TASO x Gavlyn - I Only Fuck With Teklife
Kryo - Raid [White Peach, 2019]
Duckem, Mob Killa, Rakjay - Talk is Cheap [eatmybeat, 2019]
Metafloor - Iceman Dub [forthcoming]
Ben Verse - Dark Star [Wheel & Deal, 2014]
A/T/O/S - Trees [Deep Medi, 2017]



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