Valley Feel x Conscious Wave - Official Mix Series #004 [NOV 2019]

Helping us greet November and the arrival of the snow after an INSANE event collab last month comes another longtime friend and collaborator Valley Feel, aka Jérémy Dans Lavallee. Before we get started we just want to give another HUGE shoutout to our good friends and family at Musik Me Luv and MTL's Bassix Production for collaborating with us and helping lead the way co-hosting the Innamind Recordings x System:Sound tour last month in Montréal, Québec. 

Valley Feel

The label bosses Kursk and Vivek have even shouted out in other cities that Montréal was one of the best stops on their tour and had one of the highest energy crowds. It started the tour off on an amazing note and was a hard one to top. Thanks again to the crews for carrying the weight of the event and for the long hours of work. Huge shoutout to everyone that came out, supported and helped make it all possible. If any of our readers and listeners wish to relive the magic, be sure to check out the official photo album from Sorensen's Photography by clicking ---> HERE

Shot from the Innamind x System:Sound tour in Montréal, photo by Sorensen's Photography

The fourth instalment of our 2019 Mix Series is of course from Valley Feel, who is absolutely no stranger to the Conscious Wave platform and even less of a stranger to the scene in Montréal. Formerly known as In The Valley, Jérémy delivered us a mix back in 2015, which if you're looking to check out for a throwback, can be found right HERE. Over the years Jérémy has played numerous stages and events in Montréal, including Igloofest, Nuit Blanche, École Privée, Newspeak and Le Belmont to name a few and for a multitude of differing promoters and organizations such as Neon, The Session, 64hz, SJU, Under Pressure, Big Tooth and more. His years of involvement co-hosting the HighOnBeats radio show on CISM 89.3FM, as-well as his extensive research and exploration of music over his career have helped him solidify a name for himself as a diverse and experienced selector who is able to easily share his knowledge of lesser known underground styles from around the world. Also not an outsider to the Canadian festival circuit, Valley Feel has played at Future Forest, Valhalla Sound Circus and Timeless Festival and has shared the stage with Bleep Bloop, Sam Binga, Om Unit, Kode 9, Pinch, The Librarian, Sinistarr and more.

His mix for Conscious Wave runs just under 40 mins long and is by far one of the heaviest hitting 130BPM mixes we've ever heard. After opening with a Biome remix of the Montréal-based producer Ouri's track, Jérémy wastes no time in showcasing his familiarity with bass-driven music from the UK, touching on loads of jungly and hypnotic electronic sounds, inspired by grime, garage, techno and more. Most of his mix shows little mercy away from gritty and bouncy basslines but does on occasion provide some downtime with dubby bits and breakbeats. Listeners are in for a treat and can expect lots of deep, bassy, funky rhythms contrasted with delay, dark atmospheres, classic rave & hardcore samples and much more at every turn.

Another huge shout out to Jérémy for digging out this tracklist and for laying down such a solid mix.

- Conscious Wave


1. Ouri - We Share Our Blood (Biome Remix)
2. CDBL - Pulse (Blâme VIP)
3. Hypho - Yiniloa
4. Lars Warn - Mazu
5. Agora - Dancers Hill
6. Batu - Shiratani
7. Meta - DWD (Sensei Remix)
8. Denham Audio - Leighton Buzzin (Corticyte Remix)
9. Fist-T - Night Hunter (Sensei Remix)
10. Depf - Recoil
11. Yilan - Contortion (Krytikal Remix)
12. Depf - Shiver
13. Cyntel - Plonky (Oldgold Remix)
14. Thoden - Lip Therapy
15. Mella Dee - Keep On
16. Ltd Colours - Underline
17. Holloway - Kelter
18. Walton - Rolla
19. Etch - Hearth Transplant
20. Al Wootton - Body Healthy

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