SBK. x Conscious Wave - Official Mix Series #002 [JUN 2019]

Rolling in hot and greeting the summer festival season with the second instalment of our Official 2019 Mix Series comes a very longtime Conscious Wave friend & collaborator Tom Chamoun, aka SBK.. Originally from Joliette, Québec, SBK. is currently a Trois-Rivières based music producer, who after being in Montréal for only a few years not only won the hearts of the local MTL and Québec event community but also contributed to putting dubstep in Québec and Canada on the map internationally.

Photo from Julien Boisvert

On the international front, SBK. has gained lots of attention for his work, including getting the nod from J:Kenzo on the legendary Rinse FM airwaves for his track In The Jungle (with the Sherbrooke, QC born DirtyCake founder SUBstance) and has also delivered solid releases on Sub Audio Records, Dank N Dirty Dubz, Version Collective and Åbysmal Ẹntities to name a few. His EP on Sub Audio Records also includes a collaboration with Conscious Wave co-founder / producer / dj / SUB FM radio host Shigero on the title track Problem City.

Background photo from La Flotographe

On the home front, SBK. initially received and still maintains huge support from his local mates in the now Outlook Festival supported collective of djs and organizers Musik Me Luv. Over the years he has appeared countless times for them at events behind the decks, on the airwaves and also contributed to their 2015 compilation. In addition to that, SBK. has frequently been handed headliner supporting duties across Québec at old Conscious Wave events, DirtyCake events, Alpha Squadron events, Bass Drive Wednesdays, Valhalla Sound Circus Music Festival, the 15-year long running Upsessions night in Quebec City to name a short list.

On the Mix Series side, SBK.'s mix for Conscious Wave runs just over 50 minutes long and impressively includes 100% Canadian content. Listeners are treated to a handful of both released and unreleased original productions, forthcoming GourmetBeats & Sentry Records sounds, as well as some tasty, grade A, bass heavy dubstep sounds from well-known artists who either got their start locally in Québec or are from Canada.

With no signs of slowing down in 2019, SBK. has not only released a track on DirtyCake's 7 Year Anniversary Compilation but has now successfully made his first US appearance at Impulse Vol.003 in Sioux City, Iowa. In the future, SBK. looks to add on a 4 track EP / 12" vinyl release with French producer Ourman on Bristol's Locus Sound as well as make his Piknic Électronik Montréal debut in September.

- Conscious Wave


1. ID
2. SBK. & Shigero - Problem City [Sub Audio Records]
3. Scarz - Percussa [Cue Line Records]
4. Shigero - Defibrillation Dub [DirtyCake]
5. SBK. - March VIP
6. SBK. - Failure at Launch
7. DeToor - Maya [DirtyCake]
8. SBK. - East Bengal VIP
9. Wraz - Desert Tales
10. Bruners - Submarine [DirtyCake]
11. SBK. & SUBstance - In The Jungle
12. SBK. - Real Dub
13. SBK. - Catch a Thief [Sub Audio Records]
14. E s p - Swing
15. SUBstance - Tibet
16. WAR - Cisco Kid (SBK. Version)
17. Living-Stone - Run Down
18. Fill Spectre - Africana [forth. Silent Motion]
19. Fill Spectre - Africana (Abstrakt Sonance Remix)
20. Abstract Sonance & SUBstance - Smoking Blunts [forth. Sentry]
21. Pushloop - Secret Society (SBK. Remix) [Dank N Dirty Dubz]
22. Distinct Motive - Radar [DDD]
23. Scarz - Saucer Dub (SBK. Remix)
24. Wraz & SBK. - Like This
25. ColtCuts - The Phantom [Duploc]
26. Woblz - Nightfall

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