Poly-Esther x Conscious Wave - Official Mix Series #001 [FEB 2019]

Reviving the Conscious Wave platform back to life from an almost 3-YEAR departure is the incredibly talented multi-disciplinary artist, longtime Ontario friend and fellow 40hz Soundystem worshipper Jade May, aka Poly-Esther. Before we get started and hopefully without taking away from this feature TOO much it is worth noting that the last Conscious Wave upload (before what seemed like an indefinite hiatus) featured a mix from Arkwright back in September of damn 2016 filled with 99% original work and dubs.

If you haven't visited us since then or for a very long time feel free to click here to revisit the magic, explore and get caught up on our past Mixes, CW Track Downloads, Release Promos and more!

Photo from John Ryan at Insight Imaging Photography

Although she has lived all around Southern Ontario, Jade is now a well-known Toronto-based DJ who has been circulating on the scene and behind the decks at countless events, raves and festivals for over four years. She is an active member of Åbysmal Ẹntities and a co-founding curator of the widely successful collective Sub:Cultured Toronto. Her skills behind the decks, her selections, original productions, event coordination and radio hosting have pushed her forward and secured her a strong presence in the Toronto community and beyond, having already achieved large scale bookings at Valhalla Sound Circus, events by Spectrum, Last Planet, Toronto Bass Community, Architextures and more.

Jade's mix for Conscious Wave runs just over 59m long and includes a perfect balance of deep, dark, groovy and sexy with a bit of UK grime, trap & dubby flavours, serious vibe, serious flow and serious attitude. Listeners are treated not only to some fresh and classic tunes alike from top producers such as TMSV, Khiva, K Man, Trashbat and more but also to some exclusive dubplates, forthcoming Gourmet Beats as well as original solo productions & collabs with her partner in crime Dedicut.

Jade also hosts a monthly radio show called Poly's Picks on Subtle FM the first Monday of each month at 7PM eastern, don't miss it!

Be sure to play it loud, share it up, follow, like, subscribe and enjoy the first edition of the new Conscious Wave Official Mix Series since 2016!

- Conscious Wave


1. Dedicut – Got (forthcoming ÅẸ)
2. Dr. Cloud – Dayze
3. Trashbat – Left Hand Path
4. Koma – Kings Dead
5. Lington – Falcon
6. HRMX – Space Fluting
7. TMSV – My Head
8. Poly-Esther – Darlin (Dedicut Remix)
9. Genki – Dunes
10. Trisicloplox – Kage Onna (forthcoming GourmetBeats)
11. Dubdiggerz – Monstera
12. KOROstyle – Drip Drip
13. DRTY HBTZ – Subtle Bounce
14. Lil Dicky – All K (Durandal Bootleg)
15. Khiva – Nightmares
16. Kali – Bang Bang
17. Sectra – Scalped (forthcoming GourmetBeats)
18. Opus – Europa
19. Kodama – Gouijan
20. MXVE. – Demons
21. Pessimism feat. Beezy – Requake
22. Trashbat – Ladies Tune
23. K Man – Voyager
24. Gomes – Gun Sparking
25. Dedicut & Poly-Esther – Thorn Squirrel