Ziplokk - Proximity EP (SUB018) [CW Promo]

Showcasing an array of unique techno-inspired sounds returns the Berlin based dubstep producer Ziplokk with his 3rd EP release on the well-known low-end Swiss imprint Subotage Records. With solid, successful, well-received releases from Love The Cook, Shu and Zecher to name a few, Subotage's 18 official publications range from deep, dark, dubstep, through oriental, eastern flavours of the genre to drumstep, electronica, breakbeat and beyond. With a surge of creativity and inspiration from the techno range of electronic sounds, Ziplokk explores further the fusion of the two worlds into one with his latest 4-track EP, featuring remix support from Love The Cook.

Building off of a retro inspired synthesizer lead, the EP opener and title track Proximity presents itself as a groovy, quick-moving roller, retaining a slightly lighter, more playful feel than previous productions while still showcasing his usual dark, razor sharp mid-growls, distant, windy atmospheres and busy, complex percussion rhythms. Diving into a wider, melodic soundscape the track A.N.T rolls comfortably through a sea of sharp, swelling, crystalline synthesizers, warm, dreamy pads, impressively crafted mid-growls and mysterious, partially incomprehensible voice clips, explained by Zip himself to be heavily inspired by his track Flying Deep Space from SUB010, revisiting a similar vibe, this time with a few more pieces of the puzzle. Blasting forward, the track The Street is a deep, 140 techno roller, combining and fusing the darker sounds from multiple genres over the course of 7 tension building and releasing minutes. Closing the EP comes Love The Cook's treatment of the title track Proximity, proposing a deeper, darker, minimalistic half-time version of the tune.

- Conscious Wave