Sanktus [Inner Core Records] x Conscious Wave - 600 Followers EP

Celebrating 600 followers on the CW cloud and 800 likes on Facebook comes one of the capital region's most underrated and talented deep dubstep producers Shawn Fobert, aka Sanktus. With a few years of completely self-taught sound design experience under his belt, Shawn has been able to craft out a deep, signature sound and obtain a fairly large online following despite residing in what was once one of the most lacking regions for bass driven music in the country. An FL studio junkie, Sanktus' all original sounds draw inspiration from Distance, Biome and Enigma Dubz to name a few. Founder of Inner Core Records, his non-for-profit imprint strives to bring and support deep, original, underground bass music in this part of the country. Also an accomplished graphic designer, Sanktus presents an all original graphic, designed specifically for and inspired by his Conscious Wave release.

Sanktus - Sprout [CW Free Download]

Sprout presents an overall earthy feel, catering to it's name with soft, distant atmospheres, serene melodies, sparse mid growls and unique sound effects.

Santuks - Introvert [CW Free Download]

Introvert, building further on some similar atmospheres, drops hard into a rolling, technical verse, featuring a series of syncopated kick drum hits, quick, swelling sub bass lines, razor sharp mid-range fills and techy back-beat stabs.

- Conscious Wave

Sanktus - Protus EP [INNCOR002]