Kronix - Tundra / Apache (USV011) [CW Promo]

Continuing both the CW review and promo series comes west-midland dubstep label Under Surveillance Recordings, raising the bar with their 11th digital release from UK producer Kronix. Striving to set themselves apart from the mainstream dubstep sound, U.S.V Recordings aims to support a deeper, darker, more original shade of the genre and has supported and released quality EPs from talented up-and-coming producers such as Cris Fern (RIP), Knowmad, Kronix and Krease.

Entitled "Tundra / Apache", the two track EP features two banging tribal numbers, both filled with heavy, syncopated kick drum hits, swelling, crafted sub-bass tones, distant sacred vocal chanting and a massive array of organic percussion instruments. Intelligently blending of a variety of juxtaposing sounds, instruments and effects, Kronix's two track forthcoming release has already been supported by the likes of FatKidOnFire, Prolific Underground and by us here at Conscious Wave to name a few.

- Conscious Wave