Substance [DirtyCake] x Conscious Wave - Double Feature 003

Contributing to our ever growing collection of track downloads comes Sherbrooke producer, DJ and DirtyCake co-founder Marc Lapointe, aka Substance. When it comes to audio/visual teams and event hosts in the province of Quebec, DRT Cake holds down some of the best, most high energy, collective and colourful bass parties this side of the country. Made up of young, passionate, hard-working individuals in Sherbrooke city, their travel & west coast festival work-experience is hard to miss when you witness the crowd they bring out, the vibe they create and the result they are able to achieve as a team, delivering an end result that rivals even the best Montreal events.

DRT's visual installation at their 2nd year anniversary with Goth-Trad, Trollphace and Rekoil
Substance - Stranger [CW Free Download]

Opening with a tension building voice clip from Timothy Leary, the track "Stranger" drops into a creepy, bass-heavy 140 verse with off-beat, syncopated drum hits, bizarre, pitch altered vocal clips and panning, crystalline, atonal sounds. In just over 5 minutes the tune holds down a unique, creepy, out-of-worldly feel.

Substance - Bloodshed [CW Free Download]

Opening with an eastern inspired, reoccurring sitar lead, the track "Bloodshed" drops hard into a high-energy, rolling tribal verse filled with a fury of pounding organic drum rolls, towering distant lead textures and a mean, swelling sub-bass line.

- Conscious Wave