Outbound - Vivid EP (SUBC003) [CW Promo]

Pushing forth our CW promo and review series comes Sub:Conscious Nottingham's 3rd digital release from well-known UK producer Outbound. Consisting of Outbound, DT, SHD and Reaction, Sub:Conscious Nottingham is a quality up-and-coming collective of talented producers releasing the deeper, darker, heavier shades of dubstep and is heavily associated with and supported by well-known labels Ironshirt Recordings, Imperial Audio and Abyssal Audio.

Teaming up with the bass driven power duo DyAD and Lifesines on the EP opener, the track Vivid drops hard into an ultra-weighty, bass heavy 140 verse full of thick, sharply crafted synthesizers, dark, distant atmospheres and groovy tribal percussion fills. Migrating into 24, Outbound presents a slightly less dark, more relaxed dub-inspired backbeat groove, holding down once again the dark, distant atmospheres and groovy organic drum fills mixed in with some sparkly synthesizer melodies. Fusion holds down the same vibe, though slightly darker, presenting more open, intelligent space and auxiliary percussion sounds. Closing the EP with Karnage and Mark IV the track Ghifasy holds down a more technical, syncopated rhythmic feel, dreamy keyboard melodies and distant crystalline sound textures.

- Conscious Wave