Illusive [Instigate Recordings] x Conscious Wave - Free Download

Recommencing the melodic productions on the CW cloud comes south UK based producer, DJ, label owner and blog manager Illusive. Alongside well-known Southampton producer Step-A-Side (who's recent release "The Divide EP" we threw down a release review for here), Illusive co-runs a passionate, newly founded bass music blog called Prolific Underground, dedicated to promoting up-and-coming DJ's & producers and to documenting big international releases when they drop. Apart from Prolific, Illusive owns and manages a British underground record label called Instigate Recordings, releasing a heavy, hard-hitting style of dubstep, while maintaining wide atmospheres and depth to their sound.

Primarily focused on creating deeper, darker shades of bass music, Illusive is also heavily inspired by drum & bass, dubstep and hip-hop. Delivering CW a fresh, mastered, melodic tune entitled "Erykah", Illusive designs a wide, ethereal soundscape filled with soaring female vocals, distant pads, soft keys and organic percussion, all sitting comfortably over a deep, consistent, weighty sub bass. Now with a fresh batch of tunes in the hands of multiple blogs and websites as free downloads, Illusive heads back into the studio to start working on his debut EP, likely to get a release on Instigate at the end of the year.

- Conscious Wave