dj sKare [Antibling Promassive/Berlin] x Conscious Wave - Guest Mix

A beatboxer since 2008, Frank Wiegelgauft, aka dj sKare, is no newcomer to the Berlin underground music scene. A skilled selector and mixer behind the turntables, sKare is a frequent underground figure in Germany, affiliated with the Antibling Promassive crew based out of Berlin. Having already shared the stage with Doctor P, Benga and Shu to name a few, sKare's guest mix for CW brings forth the proper underground bass frequencies we've grown to love, locked by the Technics, in just over 30 minutes.

Touching on a number of massive releases from Kryptic Minds, Youngsta, Seven and Thelem, sKare also ventures into some heavier, dankier tracks, paying tribute as well to melodic, vocal numbers and roots, reggae sounds.

- Conscious Wave


Caspa - Cockney Flute (Rusko Remix)
Youngsta, Seven - Masai Mara (VIP)
Ipman - Signal Motion
Seven - Walter White
Dead Noise System - Ritalin
Thelem - Bring Me Down feat. T-Man
XaeboR - BubbleGum
Skeptix - Temple (Wheelton Remix)
Mensah - Sahara
Kryptic Minds - To Feel
Mydas - The Wait
Inasound - Burning feat. SarahZad
Mydas - Want it
Pelikann - Conker
Echomaker - Altered Beast
J. Robinson - Tundra feat. Shima
L-Wiz - Girl From Codeine City