Kurt Roc Skee [Dubtribu Records] x Conscious Wave - Double Feature 004

Earlier this year we threw down a CW release review for german producer Kurt Roc Skee's debut 3 track release entitled "The Cavemasta EP," still out on Dubtribu Records, available on Beatport - check it out if you haven't already! If you missed the original review/blog post you can check it out here. Showcasing his characteristic dark atmospheres, heavy tribal percussion, sharp atonal synthesizers and firmly crafted basslines returns Kurt for a 2nd upload, bumping his loaded CW guest mix up to a double feature 004, now with an exclusive free CW track download.

Presenting a huge range of fresh underground bass music sounds, Kurt's exclusive mixtape touches on some of the world's most respected underground labels, showing strong support for native German sounds while serving up a healthy dose of forthcoming Dubtribu tracks, original material and free content. On top of all that Kurt's CW mixtape was the first of our tapes to pass 1000 plays and was also featured as the "OneFortyDeep x FatKidOnFire - Mix of the Week #14" - check that FKOF article here!

Bumping the tape up to the CW double feature 004, Kurt's untitled CW track download, originally an unreleased dubplate, further accentuates his characteristic atonal melodies, groovy organic percussion sounds and sharp reverberated mid-ranges, sitting comfortably over a firm, meditative bassweight.

- Conscious Wave


Outbound - Oneiroi [Phantom Hertz Free DL]
Yin Yang Audio - Deep Space [Forthcoming Dubtribu Records]
Hkay - Retribution [Forthcoming Dubtribu]
Shu & Ziplokk - Spice [Subotage]
Biome - Abyss [Macabre Unit Digital]
Kurt Roc Skee - Untitled [Forthcoming Dubtribu Records]
Kuros - Furian (Format Remix) [FKOF]
Truth - Gaza (Perverse Remix) [Free DL]
Fiend - Shiver [Forthcoming Dubtribu Records]
Mr. Boogie & Fused Forces - Iceberg [Free EP]
Hadda & Vileside - Apache (Christopher Yikes Remix) [Free EP]
D-Operation Drop - Stronghold [Subaltern Records]
Skeptix - Sleepless (Dubnium Remix) [FKOF Free DL]
Kurt Roc Skee - Sleestak [Dubtribu Records]
Youngsta & LX One - Responsibility [Tempa]
Commodo - Axis [Deep Medi]
Kaiju - Lone Wolf [Osiris]
Kurt Roc Skee - The Cavemasta [Dubtribu Records]
Karnage & Mark IV - Currents [4D Free DL]
Von D & JB - Kush [Sub Freq]