Fritz The Cat [T.O/Spectrum/Perception] x Conscious Wave - Slow Burn 170 Guest Mix

Pushing forward on the guest mix series comes a west coast native, Toronto resident, Om Reunion Project headliner and the founder of Spectrum, Toronto's newest monthly bass event, Jesse Fritz, aka Fritz The Cat. On the mix for Conscious Wave, Jesse lays down a deep, dark, sexy reggae inspired 170 BPM half-time mix for the CW cloud. Proficient in selecting all shades of 140BPM through 170BPM bass music, Jesse's mix for Conscious Wave holds an overall dark, slow burning dubby feel, touching on some jungle, half-time drum & bass and tribal elements as well.

SPECTRUM is a new sound system monthly that showcases the full spectrum of bass music on the first friday of every month. DnB-House-Dub-Techno-Dubstep

For the posting time we decided to post this up at precisely 4:20PM EST - light one up, get locked in and you'll soon see why.

- Conscious Wave


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