RDG - The Cold North EP

Although we may not be living in Copenhagen, us Montrealers may have an understanding of what Denmark producer Ruben Dag Nielsen, aka RDG, is trying to convey with his 4 track release entitled "The Cold North EP." Out on Brooklyn's own premium bass music label Tuba NYC, DRG delivers a deep, heavy, bone chilling EP.

Paying tribute to his cold (familiar) homeland with an variety of techno, breakbeat and tribal influenced sounds, DRG maintains a unique, thematic sound comprised of cavernous soundscapes, deep rolling basslines and intricate percussion design.

Establishing his sound right away, the opening track, with the help of London's Quantum Soul, dives deep into a cold, dark, futuristic soundscape, filled with dissonant oboe inspired leads and grinding, forward-moving synthesizers, marching through a steady layer of complex percussion work. Way down below the precisely crafted sub bass rolls in synchronicity with the hectic, syncopated percussion line.

RDG also runs Surfase Records, based out of Copenhagen.

Track two, A Safer Place, provides a much needed atmospheric sanctuary. Though the repeated sub bass pounds the chest unmercifully, the wide melodic string pads, soft atmospheric textures and organic inspired percussion sounds surround, comfort and dome the listener from all channels.

Mountain Walk's deep, plucked, pulsating bassline, long, drawn-out synth leads, distant rumbling synthesizers and reverberated snare drum claps create a meditative, roots inspired dub feel while of course maintaining his own unique synthetic sound.

Jungle Terror, with the help of Denmark producer Server, explores old roots even further, venturing into a breakbeat inspired verse filled with dreamy, melodic synth textures, chopped, echoed vocal clips and snappy snare claps.

Closing the EP, with the help of Server once again, is "Valley." Starting up where the melodic synth textures left off, Valley drops hard into a banging tribal verse filled with pounding, industrial, percussion sounds and a bone shaking, syncopated kick drum. While the melodies gradually come and go, Valley holds a firm and fat bass synth over an even deeper, well crafted, rolling sub bass.

- Conscious Wave

PS: The SoundCloud playlist is out of order. Another good reason to cop this one for the holidays!