Frame x Conscious Wave - Free DL

Starting off our 2014 year with an exclusive, deep, 174 drumstep roller is Montreal's own Frame, aka Frédéric Messier. Known for precisely designing a huge array of sounds and exploring a variety of bpms, Frame delivers us the 4 minute version of his original track Law and Order, a rolling atmospheric number filled with intelligent progression and intricate percussion work.

After brief intro filled with wide melodies and a thematic voice clip, Law and Order drops into a heavy, progressive drumstep verse filled with quick syncopated percussion riffs, complex drum fills, precise rhythmic chops, towering ethereal vocal melodies and a deep forward driving sub bass. Progressing patiently through 3 verses, Law and Order builds energy slowly with each section leaving the listener suspended by atmospheric layers in each bridge and in the outro.

- Conscious Wave