Wayfarer - Afterlight EP

Hyped up to be one of the biggest releases of the winter season, even 2013, is Nottingham producer Wayfarer's debut full length release on Uprise Audio, entitled Afterlight EP. After only releasing tracks on Tribe12's "Levitation EP" and Uprise's successful full length debut label release "Live From The Future", his debut solo release continues the success of the London based label and is already fully supported by the likes of Youngsta, Mala, V.I.V.E.K, N-Type and Joe Nice just to name a few.

Delivering a signature floor stomping sound comprised of strong percussive rhythms, heavy organic tribal percussion, reverberated eastern influenced vocal melodies and precisely crafted mid-range synthesizer leads, Wayfarer's epic four track release is definitely one to pack in for the holiday season.

Afterlight boasts a heavy tribal feel, held together by consistent, futuristic, robotic synthesizers, pounding organic drums, warm natural pads and distant ethereal vocals. Nothing is overdone and nothing isn't enough. The raw power and emotion is intense and forward driven, yet the layering is minimal. Deep, perfectly crafted sub bass tones hold steady as the other instrumental elements toy with tension, progression, build and release.

Hint's of the title track Afterlight appeared on Rinse FM, mixed flawlessly by Uprise Audio label owner Seven with the acapella version of his 2013 chart topping summer hit "Reflections" on top.

The release is neither too long nor short and his exploration of a variety of organic sounding elements compliment and balance comfortably his intelligently crafted synthesizers for a truly fresh, heavy, forward driven bass sound.

- Conscious Wave