Dinzy x Conscious Wave - Mix

Happy April everyone !! 

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With that out of the way, let's get into our first mix feature of 2021 !!

Original photo by Morgan Sutton-Côté

Dinzy is a Montréal-based dj and an active member of the crew Night Time Freakency. After spending most of her youth living around the province of Québec, Dinzy got into mixing while travelling throughout western Canada and living in Canmore, Alberta. After returning to MTL in 2016, Dinzy found a piece of Montréal's vast underground nightlife after one of her friends invited her to a birthday rave on the Lachine Canal. Since then she has kept busy establishing herself in the local community and has been known for dj'ing multiple genres in multiple corners of both underground rave scene & festival scene.

When Dinzy started playing out in Montréal, she was spinning predominantly UK Bass / Bassline, Tech House & Bass House, among others.

Photo by Sang Phan

"A memorable gig for me was at CEGEP St-Laurent... It was the biggest crowd I've had !! Daphné from Fréquences Subliminales booked me" - Dinzy

Although she has played at multiple loft parties & raves, as well as larger scale music festivals, when asked about some highlights that stuck out she mentioned her sets at Good Vibes Festival, GroovTech: Girls On Deck (Alpaka Productions), Tesla Nights, Éclosion (Tranceparence Productions) and her crew NTF's first event St-Valentech.

Copyright Dina, aka Dinzy

She mentioned to us that two of her biggest inspirations in terms of production are CloZee (downtempo/bass) & Charlotte De Witte (techno). She's (Dinzy) a huge fan of deep dubstep, psytech & deep minimal techno as well. 

When asked if she wanted us to include anything else in her article she said,

"Keep your eyes out for more from me... I love mixing different genres and stepping outside of my comfort zone! Thank you so much for the opportunity! I would just like to end by shouting out: 

1. My mom who raised me by herself <3

2. Conscious Wave for the feature!

3. My crew NTF (Night Time Freakency) & also D32 Crew!

4. Excess DNB, aka Jay Dufresne

5. Everyone who's supporting me from near or far!" - Dinzy

Her mix for Conscious Wave runs just over 40 minutes long and features more than a handful of tracks that we'd love to get our hands on. With such a diverse but more four to the floor oriented background, her CW featured mix is extra exciting since she decided to step outside of her usual domain. It's high energy & includes 100% straight rollers, while still focusing on the deeper, soundsystem flavours of drum & bass that we've grown to love.

- Conscious Wave

PS: We originally premiered a similar mix live on our monthly Sub FM radio show before deciding to collaborate on a permanent upload.


Pengo - Team
Arkala Dre & Pengo - Push
Jenks & Roche - Shut Off
ALR & Sayers - Clotman
Excess - Behind You
GLM - Intellect
Toby Ross - Sinister
Ajax - Chugga Dub
Sustance - Temperance
XDBR - Loco
Arkala Dre - Gucci
Rise - The Prophet
Budden - Bring Dat Back
Arkala Dre - Gucci
Ape Suite - Rutting
Nautika - Yang (Dub)
Mayhem x Greshna - Say Nothing
Dis-Turbed x Array - Jelly Chin
SKAMR - Method Man
Toby Ross - Runback
TEEJ - Selecta
Rayn - Boson
Posk - Senorita
GLM - Potential Player
Yatuza x Senri - Run
Lewp x Sematic - Sound

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