Morning High x Conscious Wave - 2020 A / V Series #002

Taking some time for ourselves and a mental health break to enjoy the meditative & healing sounds of bass has been crucial towards helping many of us get through these times.

If you missed our COVID update back in March, 2020 you can read it HERE (on Insta) and HERE (on Facebook).

2019 was an incredible year for us online and inspired us to kickstart 2020 with a live event and seize the year as one to passionately get back into hosting. With 2020 being flipped completely upside down and a lot of us needing to take a step back from music to focus on other aspects of life, our platform has consequently been relatively quiet.

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Despite this pause for many of us, our friend Morning High was still down to collab and has been staying busy producing music, running his label and (more recently) hosting live streams.

Morning High is an American artist based in the South East. Known as a "purveyor of meditative sub sounds", Morning High has been on the circuit for almost a decade, focusing primarily on low end sounds and haunted melodies, while still incorporating a variety of dub influences from the genre's classic roots. A full time FM broadcast tech and audio engineer as well, Matthew is also known for founding the Atlanta-based record label Zip Sound Recordings, which has featured many releases from Dayzero, Royal Panic, aeOm & Atnos to name a few.

An accomplished producer, Morning High's unique exploration of sonic space has gained popularity in the underground dubstep community, with features on Gradient Audio, UUeird, After Dark Music and (more recently) Dank 'N' Dirty Dubz.

Morning High's mix for Conscious Wave runs just over 50 minutes long and features a meditative and melodic progression towards some heavier, more UK inspired sounds and dubby influences. His mix also features more than a handful of tasty original and unreleased sounds as well as sounds from the Zip Sound Recordings catalog.

- Conscious Wave

PS : this tracklist is pure fire !


1.: Refugee Memories - Morning High [Unreleased]
2.: Relax - Section 8
3.: Insular - Morning High [Unreleased]
4.: Copper Dub - The Maker
5.: Welcome to London - Flowdan (Morning High Remix)
6.: Vernal - DJ Variant
7.: Don’t Turn Around - Morning High [Unreleased]
8.: Untitled - The Maker & Khonsu
9.: Nefertem - Morning High & Deadspiral [Zip Sound]
10.: Creature - Wheelton [Iron Shirt]
11.: Shiffed - Morning High [Zip Sound]
12.: Speak Up - Flowdan (Maker Dub)
13.: Ritual Riddem - Morning High [After Dark Music]
14.: Divination - Mungk [Iron Shirt]
15.: Enter The Dance - Sobie & Photes (Morning High Remix) [Feral Digital]
16.: Spacial Recognition - Caidence [Dank N Dirty]
17.: Ebino - Morning High & Atnos [Unreleased]
18.: Fern Dub - Roklem [Dank N Dirty]
19.: Know Thyself - Ternion Sound (Morning High Bootleg)
20.: Chalice Riddem - Pugilist [FKOF]
21.: Ikoma - Morning High & Atnos [Unreleased]
22.: Listen Up - Dubamine [Dank N Dirty]
23.: Ghetto Dance - Morning High [Unreleased]
24.: Elevate Ting - Pushloop [Dank N Dirty]
25.: Shadow People - Royal Panic [Zip Sound]
26.: Nightmare - Vibe Emissions [Heavy Traffic]
27.: Unfaithful (Dub) - Morning High [Unreleased]
28.: Shine on You Crazy Diamonds - Pink Floyd (Enigma Dubz Remix) [Dank N Dirty]


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