Conscious Wave LIVE #stayhome Party #2 [audio / video / chat] [JUN25]

Conscious Wave présente LIVE #stayhome Party #2


Since our first Conscious Wave LIVE #stayhome Party #1 back on May 21st was loads of fun and a success, we wanted to bring you a second addition with an all new lineup hosted on none-other than the BassiXtream server.

During the most isolating of COVID times, MTL's Bassix Production stepped up to the plate and gave us our own community's fully independent streaming platform. Even tho restrictions are starting lift, we still wanted to give it lots of love, lots of use and keep it going for the future. The hope is to keep it going as a platform for post-COVID times and maybe even use it for live events so that out-of-town fans can connect.

The BassiXtream (incase you didn't know) is a fully independent live streaming server for dj's, producers and artists powered by our local soundsystem MTL's Bassix Production, featuring a high quality live audio feed, live video feed, chatroom, past show archives and YOUR community !

Expect the best sounds from the underground, a stellar Conscious Wave lineup, good vibes and zero drops in sound due to copyright !


LOCK IN LIVE and join the party at ->



REMEDY [TO] [Dnb Girls / Forward Dnb / Last Planet]

FROZEN [MTL] [Big Tooth]

MELEK x VYBES [MTL] [Musik Me Luv]


PYROTRICH [MTL] [MTL's Bassix Production]

APHOTIK [ON] [Conscious Wave / SUB FM]