2019 End of Year Compilation [CWCOMP001]

Conscious Wave 2019 End of Year Compilation [CWCOMP001]

2019 End of Year Comp.
Conscious Wave

1. SBK. - Ma'at
2. Knox - Untitled
3. Motus - Materialist
4. Shigero - Rewind Dub
5. Scarz - Turmoil
6. Motus x SUBstance x Wraz - Massive

Release date: 27 dec 2019

Mastered by SBK.
Visuals by Etienne Montenegro
Artwork by Etienne Montenegro
Thumbnail by Aphotik

Written by Tom Chamoun, Knox N. Hoult, Émile Cusson, Éric Major, David Proteau, Marc Lapointe, Christophe Pilon