Tron Sepia [Most Addictive Records] x Conscious Wave - Winter Leaves Mix

Recommencing the CW uploads after a brief pause for our event with Compa in Montreal ( comes one of the most talented, hardworking electronic music production duo's in our city Tron Sepia. With releases on Most Addictive Records and Fish 'n Trips Records, Tron Sepia, comprised of Mirek Hamet and Eric Laufer (with the occasional Gabrielle Laufer for performances on vocals), produce and perform very unique, experimental and cinematic styles of psychedelic bass music, downtempo psychedelic, deep dubstep and more.

Tron Sepia performing at Conscious Wave x MTL's Bassix Production present Whitebear (AUS/Shanti Planti)

With performances for Conscious Wave, SJU, DRT Cake, PMI and more under their belt, sharing the stage with Whitebear, Bluetech and Goth-Trad to name a few, their high energy live sets incorporate multiple styles and BPMs, yet manage to flow, move forward and tell a sort of musical story.

- Conscious Wave


TRON SEPIA - FLANGE (Co-Sine version) [Unreleased]
Biome - Abyss [Macabre Unit Digital]
Drew Dubz - Simple Transient [OFD Free]
Whitebear - Primal Stomp (Eelko Remix) [Shanti Planti Charity]
Easily Embarrassed - Moon People [Plusquam Chillout]
Lowryder - Phantom [Dark Coalition Badman Comp]
FJH - XenoCat [OFD Free]
Symbolico - A Portal Is Opening Up [Free DL]
Deya Dova - Sky Roarer [Desert Trax]
Clubroot - Sempiternal [LoDubs]
Electrypnose - Sunny Heart (Far Mozaic Remix) [Distant Tremor]
Quanta - Realms Of Mind [Dubmission Records]
Butterfly Crash - Jewel [Emotecell]
TRON SEPIA - TIME LOST [Most Addictive Records]
Butterfly Crash - Horizon’s End (ft. Christine la Mer) [Emotecell]
Seven Lions ft. Birds of Paradise - She Was [OWSLA]
TRON SEPIA - WORLD OF LIES [Most Addictive Records]
Abakus - Bang [Modus Recordings]
Zebbler Encanti Experience - Immediacy (ft. Ganavya) [Gravitas]
Mote - Lamentation [Shanti Planti Charity]
Mumukshu - Source Code (ft. Operating By Source) [Mycelium Music]
EurythmY & Electrypnose - Further [Self-Released]
TRON SEPIA - FACTORY [Fish 'n Trips Records]
TRON SEPIA - ABYSS [Fish 'n Trips Records]
TRON SEPIA - ABYSS (Static Noise Bird Remix) [Unreleased]
Trifonic - Santa Rosa [Trifonic Music]