Son Raw [Passionweiss/Fact Magazine/Nasty FM] x Conscious Wave

words from Son Raw - First up, big up to Conscious Wave/MTL's Bassix Production for having me last week [at our event with Compa]. That was fun, hopefully we can do it again soon.

Son Raw warming up the floor for Compa (UK) in Montreal, hosted by Conscious Wave x MTL's Bassix Production 

I originally went in wanting to make a mix that captured the energy of my set at the party, but turns out I was sick of mixing those tunes, so it’s completely different. Instead, it’s got a bunch of my own dubs, stuff from musicians I’ve been in contact with and a bunch of killer releases by labels like Crazylegs, Coyote Records, Keysound and Glacial Sound. There’s also an abnormally large percentage of Irishmen involved for some reason.

Photos by Etienne Montenegro Photographe

It’s definitely got a ton of curveballs. My favorite thing about raves is being constantly surprised by crazy music, my least favorite thing is when that music gets categorized and put in boxes (big up the ambient psy-dub-core massive!) so this is my effort to go against that grain. Chances are there will be at least 1-2 moments that will make you got WTF. 

Don’t worry – embrace it.

- Son Raw


Son Raw - Green Line [Dubplate]
Wiley - Morgue (Rob Habit Edit) [Dubplate]
Gage ft. Kevin JZ Prodigy - Bad Bitch [Crazylegs]
Loom - Fukushima (Oklo Edit) [Dubplate]
Shriekin - Ends Meeting [Dubplate]
Paleman - Beezeldub (Son Raw’s Beezelmore Edit) [Dubplate]
Loom & Tarquin - Pompelmo Riddim [Dubplate]
Major Grave - Chance [Dubplate]
Mumdance - Take Time (Fallow’s Tropical Mix) [Dubplate]
Footsie – Prang Boy (Chemist Remix) [Coyote]
Son Raw - Just Lengman Tings [Dubplate]
Living~Stone & Son Raw - ??? [Dubplate]
Self Evident - Dirtball [Dipped Recordings]
Royal-T - Hot Ones [Butterz]
She’s Drunk - Talk to Them [Liminal Sounds]
Sir Spyro - Tekkerz [Limited Run]
Chemist - Fall Back [Coyote]
DLVRY - Guilt [Keysound]
Bloom - Vessel [Crazylegs]
Riko Dan - Black Dragons [Glacial Sound]
Mumdance, Logos & Rabit – Inside the Catacomb [Different Circles]
Mumdance - Locked Groove (Arma Refix) [Download]
Loom - Slow it Down [Dubplate]