Bilif x Conscious Wave

The CW cloud has been a little bit quite as of late, but we have been nonetheless been very busy behind the scenes planning our second event with Anthologic which you can check out & RSVP to here!

Our newest upload comes once again from the american west coast, mixed by Bilif, a San Francisco based DJ and lyricist affiliated with Strvcture Sound, along with previous CW contributor Sequoia. Also an aspiring producer and activist, Bilif expresses himself through both words and sound, finding as well an importance in the love, passion, community and emotion acquired through music. Delivering CW a short mixtape comprised of a pleasant collection of chilled out, jazz inspired bass music, Bilif takes us on a well thought out journey, giving lots of support as well to 4D and the Deeper Vibrations Origin Charity Compilation, a 16 track compilation of Vibe War tracks, compiled, mastered and released on Deeper Vibrations' bandcamp with all proceeds going to War Child UK. Running just under 30 minutes, Bilif's mixtape touches on many appealing shades of melodies and sounds from organic instruments with an overall melodic, relaxing, jazzy colour.

- Conscious Wave


Metha - Sunflower [Origin EP]
Rozi - Don’t Forget It [Origin EP]
Jack Sparrow - Run It Down [Origin EP]
Dillard - Waiting [Origin EP]
Biome - Depths Of Dubstep [Free DL]
A:Castillo - Calvera [4D Exclusive DL]
Morrison - Uptown [Origin EP]
Trashbat - Eager Beaver [Origin EP]
El Jeffe - Here She Comes [4D Exclusive DL]
Sepia - Moments [TakeAStepToDub Free DL]
Joe Tong - Badu (blkkmorris slowmo edit) [Free DL]
Rozi - No Ice VIP [Tuba Free DL]