Sequoia x Conscious Wave - Guest Mix

As annual travellers and festivalers at CW we've always had a soft spot for the established, colourful and thriving bass music world on the American and Canadian west coast. It's therefore no surprise that we're always stoked when our presence makes it into the laptop and speakers of those living on the other side of the continent. Our newest mixtape then comes from Sequoia, aka, Bilif based out of San Francisco, California. A dj and a producer, Sequoia is known for exploring a vast, cosmic flavour of bass music, with an ear for ethereal melodies, wide atmospheres and groovy sounds. Delivering the "elevation in bundles," Sequoia has already been featured by the likes of FatKidOnFire, OneFortyDeep and Dark Coalition to name a few.

Delivering us a deep, melodic and locked mix on the Technics, Sequoia's forward-moving tracklist explores a nice collection of melodic sounds and CW favourites, including the new Step-A-Side which we threw down a release review here if you missed it! A vast, weighty one for pondering, Sequoia's selections touch as well on some jazzy, darker and tribal sounds.

- Conscious Wave


Wizeguy - Moments
Perverse - Origin
Olie Bassweight - Question Freedowm
B9 - Hennine
Perverse - Hamba
Seven - Evolution
Commit - Maccha Sunrise
No-Man - Bouyant
Quantum Soul & Lamb - Strong Root
Step-A-Side - The Cult
Killawatt & Thelem - Joom
DJ Rum - Plead With Me
3rd Eye - Deep Black