Moodis x Conscious Wave - Guest Mix 1

As listeners, admirers and sharers of the deeper, darker, tribal sounds in bass music, it's always a pleasure to receive a tight, forward-thinking mixtape, exploring in-depth the distinct sounds of those frequencies. Our latest guest mix and contribution to the CW cloud then comes from British DJ Moodis. A resident DJ at OneFortyDeep, Moodis is dedicated to sharing a wide variety of deeper, darker, underground bass music & dubstep sounds, having an ear for weighty, tribal & ethnic sounds.

Showcasing an impressive tracklist full of releases, free downloads and underground music from up & coming and established labels & producers, the mixtape explores an overall organic, tribal feel, while taking a couple psychedelic turns, climaxes and closing with a dark, hip-hop number. Definitely a dark one for the pondering.

- Conscious Wave


Commodo - Northern Soul
The Illuminated - De Dust
Krease - In My Mind
Knowmad - Peacemaker (Clayton Remix)
Commodo - Surveillance
Krease - Jumbo Jumbo
Kronix - Horcrux
Chad Dubz & Paragon - Defend
RDG - Line
Seahorse - Stomper
FNC - Incognito
Sleeper & District - Overflow
The Illuminated - Psychonauts
Clearlight - Blotter