Magz x Conscious Wave - Free DL

Continuing the download series here at the CW comes 22 year old DJ/producer Maggie Rogers, aka Magz. Having only been releasing music since 2010, the young South Carolinian has already received recognition from the likes of the Denver electronic heavyweight Pretty Lights as well as numerous online digital publications, blogs and websites. Known for fusing a variety of old beats with new, forward thinking digital sounds, Magz' signature heavy hip hop style has lead her to remix a wide variety of artists including Bassnectar, Dr. Dre and Gossip to name a few. 

As a contribution to the Conscious Wave cloud, Magz has generously thrown us her stylish remix of Wah!'s "Maha Deva," the 3rd track off her forthcoming debut album entitled "After Dark." Laying down an incredibly chill, groovy and melodic remix, Magz' bassheavy, chopped up version features an array of short syncopated synth leads, soft melodic pads, heavy percussion and some additional vocal steams from Mobb Deep's "Quiet Storm." Bringing a slower, more relaxed vibe to the CW cloud, we are certainly stoked to hear more sounds and the forthcoming debut from this young, talented, female, South Carolinian artist.

- Conscious Wave