Krikkitt x Conscious Wave

Pulling us out of the 140 deep paradigm is Montreal's own Krikkitt. A dj, producer and event manager as well as founder of Osiris Prods based out of Montreal, Krikkitt is known for mixing a wide array of psychedelic festival sounds ranging from high BPMs such as psycore, dark forest and dark psy to temple bass, glitch, dub and more. Contributing to our series of guest mixes at Conscious Wave comes a mix comprised of his slower BPM, deep, bass influenced sounds.

Providing a classy array of sounds stirring words such as temple, glitch, gypsy, funky, experimental, atmospheric, cinematic, down tempo, womp shanti, ethereal dub and deep drum & bass, Krikkitt takes us on a 50 minute psychedelic journey of well mixed, thought provoking sounds, paying close attention to progression, climaxes, key, tempo and atmosphere. With rolling bass lines, precisely crafted whomps, wide futuristic soundscape breaks, sacred chanting, organic instruments all over a deep sub bass, this forward thinking, festival inspired, genre crossing mix will keep us warm in the cold Canadian winter as we await the 2014 festival season.

- Conscious Wave