Galand x Conscious Wave

Starting our journey here at CW from Quebec, Canada is GALAND, delivering us a smooth, dark, atmospheric, bass heavy, tribal, 140 mix with futuristic dungeon sounds, wide distant soundscapes and pounding forward driven percussion.

Pushing exactly the sounds we strive to share in under 30 minutes, Galand shows no mercy on this bass heavy mixtape. Check it out!

- Conscious Wave


INFRA - Insectivora
Eugh & Kafu - LSD
Pheral - Tribesman
Reamz - Eclipse
Dark Harmonics - Soukous
Truth - Insanity
Subdimension - Denial
Commit & Press - Extrasensory
Feonix - Premonition
Jonah K - Limestone
Earth is Flat - 5th Dimension
DJ Smokey - Southside Finna Wrecc
Gantz - Salvo
Arkwright - Estate
Juss B - The Waiting Hour
Facta - Sundown
Airfee - Wait