Lysis x Conscious Wave - Mix

To close off an amazing June, we wanted to squeeze in another upload to help us show our appreciation for your support! Given that we haven’t featured a dnb mix for a while, we wanted to present one that really hit it home for our listeners from the Thunder Bay-based dj Lysis.

If she hasn’t made it onto your radar yet, Lysis is the co-founder of both the Thunder Bay Bass Collective and Submerged Sound. She is also a host of the Thunder Bay Bass Collective radio show on Sub Fm. Although she has shared the stage with big names such as Dieselboy, Downlink, Marcus Visionary & Calyx and Teebee, Lysis has also made a name for herself working tirelessly to grow the underground scene at home. She has done this by supporting homegrown talent, new talent, diverse artists and being a strong advocate for respect and fair compensation in the industry.

Her sets touch on a broad spectrum of sub genres in the 160-180 bpm range, with a focus on crisp, hard-hitting percussion and deep, resounding basslines. Although her techstep roots usually manage to shine through, her love for exploring new sounds helps her always find interesting ways to blend it all together, keep her audience on their toes and the dancefloor moving at any venue.

Her reputation behind the decks is only further demonstrated through this 38 minute mix for Conscious Wave. In this feature Lysis seamlessly blends together uplifting liquid vibes, darker neurofunk and classic jungle bits. Although this dominates most of the mix, Lysis doesn’t shy away from revisiting her techstep roots, as well as throwing in some pop mashups, r&b vocals and rap bootlegs.

- Conscious Wave


Break ft. MC Fats - Natural Way
Amoss - Hydra
Exept & Disprove - XXX (OZOH Remix)
Die Antwoord - I Fink U Freeky (Wingz Edit)
Revaux - The Tunnel
En:vy - It’s Her
Foreign Concept - Mob Justice (DLR Remix)
SubMarine - Back Then
Torcha - Wreckage
Emz ft. Gemi - E - Style
Particle - Let It Go
SubMarine - Physical
Ed:It - Wikd Bad
Itoa - Strange Attractor
Shy FX - Too Shy ft. Sinead Harnett (Breakage Remix)
Unglued x Whiney x Lens - If You Like That (feat. Doktor)
Break - Code Red (feat. Fox)
Voltage - Scorpion
MoonDoctoR & Surly - Higher (featt. DJ Earl)
Philip D Kick - Replicant (feat. Om Unit)
Brainwork & Rift - Strife
Mohican Sun - Last Bastion
Babyface Ray, Landstrip Chip, Pusha T - Dancing With The Devil (Halogenix Bootleg)

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