Khandroma. x Conscious Wave - Mix

Last year we had a goal as a team to bring Conscious Wave back to life by starting fresh as an online platform just like back in the day. Our main focuses were to launch a new & improved 2019 Official Audio / Visual mix series and to end 2019 with our debut compilation ‘CWCOMP001’. Both received (and are still receiving) an incredible response and can be found in the Spotlight of our Soundcloud page, Bandcamp and Mixcloud.

2019 Official Audio / Visual Mix Series

So far this year our online platform has been fairly quiet, largely due to us being tied up hosting our first live solo event since 2016 this past Valentine’s Day, presenting Metafloor [AB] [Sub Chakra / Aufect / Vandal / Really Good] from the west coast on HiFive sound in Montréal. The attendance drastically exceeded our expectations which of course inspired us to continue learning and improving to create more. Now that the energy from the event has settled we can turn our attention back to our online platform. For 2020 we have another A / V series in-store for you as well as some more mixes, tracks and surprises on the horizon.

background art painting by Khandroma.

Our latest mix submission comes from the Toronto-based “artist, curator and propagator” Khandroma. Known throughout their community as a talented dj, painter, collective leader, label manager and more, Max over just this past year has uploaded over a dozen mixes online, which has helped them seemingly shoot out of nowhere onto the scene. Max is a resident at Lush Lounge Records (who have featured both Rhombi and Kadet P) and also works with them to help manage the label. Max also heads up Objective Sound which is an up-and-coming art & music collective that supports Khandroma., IDHS, Lenny the Wreck and Amanda Raygun.

Khandroma’s mix for Conscious Wave is one of our longest ones to date but despite this is a very difficult one to turn off. Max maintains incredible patience & progression but builds towards no shortage of heavy-hitting halftime bangers and many other flavours of drum & bass. A huge nod to the tracklist on this one.

- Conscious Wave


1. SBK. - Cleo (Wobble Wallah Rework)
2. Fracture & Neptune - Chal Dub
3. ITOA - French Cola
4. Fybe:one & Hyroglifics - With You
5. B1tyze - Vasuki
6. ITOA - Top Deck
7. ITOA - Top Deck (Moresounds Remix)
8. Mad Zach - Antimatter Cave
9. Clyde Avery - Control (Lecoughski's Lost In Space Remix)
10. Yahna - Dancin'
11. Fybe:one - Days Gone
12. Danky - Slumber Snaps (Jake Robertz Remix)
13. Amoss & Fearful - Carcosa
14. TMSV - Nobody Asks
15. HNGVR - Take Me Away (Walters Remix)



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