Chad Dubz [Foundation Audio] x Conscious Wave

Greeting the warmer than usual MTL February temperatures on the Conscious Wave cloud comes the talented Bristol-based producer, DJ and Foundation Audio label owner Chad Dubz.

Chad Dubz performing at Format Bristol with Amit

Both a powerhouse in the studio and behind the decks, Chad's original productions explore a unique blend of some of the freshest, deepest and darkest sounds in dubstep, alongside sounds from around the world and elements from the genre's reggae and dub roots as well. With original releases on Indigo Movement, Cue Line Records, Second to None Music and Tribe 12, both Chad's compositions and releases from his label Foundation Audio (including DTR, Mershak, Subtle Mind and Deafblind) have been known to dominate the Juno Download deep dubstep charts among many other online retailers.

CW 2016 graphics by Prism, logo by Etienne Montenegro - Chad Dubz "deep blue edition"

Delivering Conscious Wave a pounding 37 minute mix of all-original work, Chad Dubz exhibits a large collection of unreleased dubplates and label releases spanning from 2012 to present, further emphasizing his exceptional capacity as a producer, label owner and DJ.

- Conscious Wave


Chad Dubz - Shake Dat Batty (Dub)
Chad Dubz - Seriously F**ked (Dub)
Chad Dubz - System (Dub)
Chad Dubz - Stuck In The Loop (Dub)
Chad Dubz - Lost Cause (Dub)
Chad Dubz - Transcending VIP (Ft. Ill Chill) (Dub)
Chad Dubz - Future Echoes (Foundation Audio)
Chad Dubz & Seraph - Dark Ones (Foundation Audio)
Chad Dubz - Losing It (Foundation Audio)
Chad Dubz - Missing (Under Surveillance Recordings)
Chad Dubz - Stay (Foundation Audio)
Chad Dubz - Twisted (Under Surveillance Recordings)
Chad Dubz & Paragon - Totem (Foundation Audio)
Chad Dubz - Gao Xianzhi (Indigo Movement)
Chad Dubz & DTR - Durga (Second To None Music)
Chad Dubz - Lost File (Under Surveillance Recordings)
Chad Dubz - Get Out VIP (Dub)
Chad Dubz - Nameless (Under Surveillance Recordings)
Chad Dubz - Mistaken Identity (Annihilate Audio)
Chad Dubz - Spaced Out (Cue Line Records)
Chad Dubz & C-Side - Thoughts (Cue Line Records)
Chad Dubz - Shaka (Foundation Audio)
Chad Dubz - Witnessed (Foundation Audio)
Chad Dubz & Mono - SP30 (Cue Line Records)
Chad Dubz & Khafu - Questions (Foundation Audio)
Chad Dubz & Paragon - Nasty (Foundation Audio)
Chad Dubz & Paragon - Defend (Tribe12)

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