Boneless [Calgary] x Conscious Wave - Guest Mix

Bumping his acclaimed original work "Sensimilia Dub" (released via Conscious Wave back in march) up to a double feature comes the Calgary-based producer, dj and acetate dubplate cutter "Boneless" with his second feature on the Conscious Wave cloud.

Graphics by Prism, logo from Etienne Montenegro

Based out of Calgary, Alberta, Brody's productions, selections and cuts are firmly rooted in and influenced by his vast knowledge of soundsystem culture, dub, reggae, dubstep, bass music and more. Focused on pushing his music on a physical medium, Brody's accomplishments and mixing skills & style have earned him strong support from the FatKidOnFire artist mix series, with original sound support from Mala (Digital Mystikz), Joe Nice and District to name a few. 

Boneless at Sub Chakra: Joe Nice Edition with FWD Sound, photo from AllieKat Photography

With past collaborations with Barom [Midnight City Records/FKOF Un/Known] and Stompbox [Kokeshi] completed and more collaborations with renowned artists in the works, Brody continues to prove himself in the global community and to be an important artist to keep watching in 2015/2016.

- Conscious Wave


1. Pinch - Punisher (Loefah's SE25 Remix) [Planet Mu]
2. Commodo - F_ck Mountain [Hotline]
3. Headhunter - Parallels [Trusik]
4. Boneless & Barom - Anti-Matter [Dubplate]
5. Goth-Trad - Sinker [Deep Medi]
6. Ago - Trust Inc [Forthcoming]
7. Texstep - Signs [Dubplate]
8. Skream - Rottan [Tempa]
9. Gantz - Stayer [Innamind]
10. Boneless - Escape [Dubplate]
11. Cyrus - Visions [Deep Medi]
12. Barom - Pan [Dubplate]
13. Digital Mystikz - Return II Space [DMZ]
14. Sherwood & Pinch - Bring Me Weed (Weed Psychosis Mix) [Tectonic/On U Sound]
15. V.I.V.E.K - Roots [Deep Medi]
16. LAS - Uuha [Innamind]