Khalil.m x Conscious Wave - Deep Shanti Podcast

Khalil is a Montreal based performer, psychonaut and mid-tempo bass lover. Originally from Belgium, Khalil, in just four years has quickly become a familiar face behind the decks at numerous events such as Speakeasy Electroswing, Balkan Gypsy Party Montreal, Montreal Jazz Festival and many more summer festivals and events.

A past Conscious Wave event performer, Khalil has also shared the stage renowned artists such as JPOD, Defunk, Mr. Bill, Adham Shaikh and Rising Appalachia to name a few. Presenting one of the longer mixtapes on the CW cloud, Khalil dives deep into the swamps of psychedelic bass music, blending some of the world's top producers alongside chosen vocal + movie clips, revisiting the vibe from his live performance at Conscious Wave x MTL's Bassix Production present Whitebear [AUS/Shanti Planti] last fall.

- Conscious Wave


1. The Activation Part 1 ft. Alay - Soulacybin
2. Atrium (Quanta Remix) - Bird of Prey
3. White Flag (Whitebear Remix) - Whitebear
Anthony Hopkins - What is Love
4. Sonic Tonic - Mindex
5. Locks N' Herbs - Desert Dwellers
Casablanca - Secret Sentimentalist (1942)
6. Arabian Analog - Chaos Control
7. Psywamp (Eurythmy Mix) - Quanta & Eurythmy
Bob Marley - Message of freedom
8. Out Session - Landswitcher
LSD Experiment Research on Acid Trip Effects / 50’s Housewife Tries LSD
9. Drink This Down - SIXIS
Salvador Dali Interview (Merv Griffin Show 1965)
10. Short Circuits And Sparks - Evil Oil Man & Dirty Hippy
11. No Seeds - FLeCK
12. Depth Charge (Auma Remix) - Whitebear
13. Gypsy Otters Of New Orlasia - Bwoy De Bhajan
14. Victims - Kode9 & The Spaceape
15. Revolt - Beatroots
16. Parallax View (Sixis Redub)- Atman Construct
17. Dream - AtYyA