Shigerō [MTL/CW] x Conscious Wave - 140/170 resident mix

Apart from a couple promos it's been a bit quiet on the Conscious Wave cloud as of late. We're still in afterglow and decompression from our last event collaboration Conscious Wave x MTL's Bassix Production present Whitebear (AUS/Shanti Planti) and of course were busy devoting much time and many resources to making such a unique event opportunity happen in just under two weeks, thanks to our amazing team, volunteers and community putting in 200% <3 !!! Hosting around 300 people alongside a diverse lineup of extremely talented local producers, djs, vjs, artists and performers from multiple disciplines, the event expanded further on the values and foundation set forth by Tribal Bass 1 & 2 and paved the way for future productions and event collaborations this season.

Conscious Wave x MTL's Bassix Production present Whitebear (AUS/Shanti Planti), photo from JDB Productions

If you'd like to see the aftermath, photos, video and how it went off feel free to check the Facebook event page here.

Shigerō performing at 4D : Deep Dark Dubstep & DnB in Montreal

Moving forward on the CW mix series comes a new dimension of content and uploads - resident mixes.

Shigerō performing at Bass Drive Wednesdays in Montreal

Shigerō, a Montreal native, has been on the decks since 2010. Well versed with many shades of full spectrum, bass driven music from 140 through 170 BPM, with an extended knowledge for deep dubstep, old-school dubstep, tribal, half-time DnB, liquid DnB, neurofunk and more, Shigerō's selection, skill, appreciation and vibe flow harmoniously with the development, foundation and efforts laid out by CW over the past year.

Shigerō performing at Bass Drive Wednesdays in Montreal

No new face to the Montreal bass community, Shigerō has been very active as a performer and listener, having opened for the likes of Biome [UK], Savant [NO], Marcus Visonary [CA], Dubloadz [US] and Algo [US] to name a few. Apart from performing, Shigerō has participated in the organization of successful local bass events and outdoor free parties through his former organization and venture Warehouse Industry.

Fresh off the plane from Outlook Festival in Croatia, Éric Major d'Homme's first mixtape for the Conscious Wave cloud touches on a variety of 140 through 170BPM bass heavy sounds from 2011 to today, presenting of course a careful selection, a characteristic style and flow.

- Conscious Wave


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