Don D [Cue Line Records] x Conscious Wave - Free Download

Cue Line Records is back on CW cloud, greeting this time the mid-april sunshine with a highly anticipated bass music production entitled "Dungeon", courtesy of Danish producer/DJ Don D. Co-owner of the Copenhagen based dubstep label Cue Line Records, Don D along with his partner in crime Gaze ill (Cue Line label owner & the master behind the CW Double Feature 002) continue to produce, support and release a very crafted, refined and full style of deep dubstep and minimal bass music through their dedicated and original homegrown bass label. Having been very busy over the past couple months, Cue Line Records has followed up their FKOF, Prolific Underground, Dark Coalition and Conscious Wave features with a polished and successful Juno release from Mad Z and is pushing still a highly anticipated forthcoming release from Subex Dubz, supported already on Deafblind's popular and respected Dusk.FM radio show. With continued label and track support from RDG, Subtle Mind, Mentha, Press, Rinse FM and Sub.FM to name a few, Don D has generously thrown CW a dark, rolling exclusive dubplate entitled "Dungeon", available now on the CW cloud.

Building energy out of a wide, eerie soundscape lead by a dark, crisp, melodic pad, "Dungeon" drops heavy into a fat, triplet driven 140 verse full of crafted, syncopated sub rhythms, intricate percussion work, sparse mid growls and a uniquely designed 4th beat snare hit. Running exactly 6 minutes, the track "Dungeon" takes the listener through two weighty drops, holding a wide, atmospheric, dark, tribal feel.

- Conscious Wave