Kai li x Conscious Wave - Free DL

From the slums of north England, now residing in Ibiza, kai li, aka Ben Webster, is a producer of deep, dark 140bpm electronic music. Occasionally visiting other avenues of bass music, kai li frequently explores a distinct tribal, ethnic sound through his productions. With productions already associated with Monkey Dub, Deep Dark Dungeon (4D) and OneFortyDeep, kai li's first production on the CW cloud entitled "Dhumavati" takes on a more organic, eastern vibe.

Opening with a series of atonal, ethereal vocal clips, the feminine melodies are accompanied by a dark, wide atmosphere filled with tribal percussion, distant synthesizers, erie chopped voices and a rolling sub bass. "Dhumavati" makes for a vocal track, driven largely by the vocal section, making for a dark, meditative, contemplative sound.

- Conscious Wave