Kurt Roc Skee - The Cavemasta EP

Leading the CW review series into 2014 is German producer Kurt Roc Skee's deep 3 track release "The Cavemasta EP", out now on Croydon's own premium underground bass music label Dubtribu Records. Formed only in early 2013, Dubtribu records has accumulated a number of solid underground releases over the past year, having strong connections all over the UK, a wide influence of sounds with tracks being played all around the world. Active as well on the art scene, Dubtribu is definitely a solid bass label to watch in 2014.

Although the self-titled opener toys with a more playful synth line and more melodic, chordal synth pads, the sub-bassweight holds heavy and the distorted mid-ranges pan and cut through sharp. Sitting comfortably under a minimalistic set of percussion sounds, the reverberated minimalism makes for a slow meditative wobbler.

Beliar continues the deep, minimalistic, meditative vibe, taking the listener even further into an even darker, dissonant corridor filled with reverberated tribal percussion and Kurt Roc Skee's signature robotic synth tones, well-crafted to trail and burp with talkative and alien-like characteristics (many examples in the free download "Let Me See That").

Sleestak concludes the EP, mashing even harder the organic, tribal percussion against the futuristic, robotic synthesizers, vast industrial atmospheres and meditative sub frequencies.

An underground one to rinse over the cold winter months, Kurt Roc Skee's solid debut release is now available exclusively on Beatport.

- Conscious Wave